Wednesday - September 27,2023
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Invest A Little And Make Large Purchases At Meydan Free Zone

Enjoy the convenience of converting your transactions into manageable monthly payments. Spend AED 1,000 or more on your credit card from one of our participating banks and pay back in convenient payments over a period of 3 to 12 months.

Convert your Free Zone transactions into convenient payment options. Keep your receipt and call your bank’s Phone Banking service within 5 days of making your purchase. The purchase transaction will be changed to a 0% Easy Payment Plan at your request, and your monthly instalments will appear on your monthly Credit Card statement.

You may now break down large purchases into manageable instalments with the Meydan Free Zone Instalment Plan.


Here comes the list of services provided by the experts :

  • Spend AED 1,000 or more on your credit card for any Meydan Free Zone services.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of paying over three, six, nine, or twelve months.
  • The EPP procedure will be followed.
  • Simply contact any partner bank’s Phone Banking service and request that your purchase be converted to an Easy Payment Plan.
  • Charges for early settlement will apply.
  • The following terms and conditions will apply.

Therefore, start your company without putting down a huge chunk of money. Begin how you want and expand as needed.

How To Get A Trade Licence In Dubai?

You can apply for a trade licence and begin the process of company registration in the UAE once the Department of Economic Development (DED) accepts your business name and activity.

  • Professional License
  • Commercial License
  • Tourism License
  • Industrial License

If you want to create a business in the UAE mainland, you can choose from one of the four licences listed above. Licensing structures in UAE Free Zones varies from those described above and are dependent on the type of company you intend to conduct.

DED will ask you to obtain required clearances from various government and non-government authorities at the same time. Depending on the type of business and activity, the documentation and approval steps varies.

You can choose between two sorts of sponsorships: local and corporate.

Because obtaining a reliable local partner or sponsor can be difficult, you may want to consider corporate support. You will receive complete ownership of the business as well as all necessary papers.

Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU)

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a nonbinding agreement that defines each party’s responsibilities, specifies the extent and authority of the agreement, clarifies terms, and outlines compliance difficulties. You can construct a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for your company based on the UAE government’s mandates and business interests.

Getting Approvals

Obtaining an Initial Approval Certificate from DED is required. This approval certifies that your organisation is legally permitted to engage in a specific business activity or sell a specific product. After that, you can rent a private office or a shared workspace. This will also determine the amount of visas you are eligible to apply for from DED. Therefore, go online to know more about the procedures.