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How To Tell If Your Wooden Furniture Is Of High-Quality

Wood has been part of millions of households around the world. It is one of the most cardinal commodities in the entire history of humanity. They are easy to find. The rich forest floor provided people with sturdy lumbers strong enough to build solid shelters. On top of that, people used wood planks to create floating vessels and boats that carried them to undiscovered places. 

Centuries have passed, wood is still close to our homes. From your wardrobe heirloom to the luxurious Scandinavian furniture in Singapore, you can find a wooden fitting in every household in the country. 

Yet, even with the familiarity with wooden furniture, only a few know how to check the quality of the mahoganyTV console in Singapore. This article will give tips on how to inspect the quality of your wooden furniture. 

Tips For Inspecting The Quality Of Your Wooden Furniture 

When we think of high-quality furniture, the first thing that enters our minds is the aesthetics and design of the dresser table or chest of drawers in Singapore. But the quality goes beyond the appearance and the complicated ornament bordering the edges of your wooden furniture. 

Consider these elements when choosing a Scandinavian or any wooden furniture in Singapore:

Determine the type of wood

Artisans use different types of wood when creating a TV console in Singapore. The most common types of wood you can find in many fittings are hardwood, softwood, engineered wood, reclaimed lumber, and woody plants. Each wood has different qualities. 

For example, hardwood is the sturdiest type of wood. Furniture made of hardwood is impenetrable by termites. They are durable and have a long life despite the lack of maintenance. However, expect them to be the most expensive furniture in the store. 

On the other hand, engineered wood boards are made of wood chips and scraps glued together to form a plank. They are widely available and cheaper than hardwood furniture. However, do not expect a chest of drawers from this wood in Singaporeto last for a shorter period. 

Generally, if you want high-quality wooden furniture, the best option is always hardwood. 

Inspect the finish

Wood finishing refers to the refinement of the wooden surface to increase its protection. How to determine the wood finishing of our TV console in Singapore?

By simply running down your fingers will tell you if the finish is of high quality. The surface of your wooden furniture must be smooth. There shouldn’t be a tiny wood chip nor rough patches on the surface. 

Apart from flawless sanding work, artisans also apply varnish on the wood surface to enhance the natural colour of the wood, at the same time, increase its protection. 

Another way to check the finishing quality is by pressing or tracing on the surface using your fingernail. The tracing must not create any dent or scratch on the surface. 

Try this technique on your wooden chest of drawers in Singapore. 

Check the construction

Let’s tackle the most complicated part of wooden Scandinavian furniture in Singapore– construction.

The construction is one of the backbones of your fitting. If it is poorly constructed, no matter what type of wood your furniture is and how smooth the surface is, expect to see construction issues soon. 

You can determine the quality of the construction by its joint. What is the joint? In woodworking, joints are the part where two wood materials meet perpendicularly at an angle. 

The most common wood joint people are familiar with is nailing. Two pieces of wood are connected with the use of nails. However, this is also the weakest type of wood joint. 

A high-quality woodenTV console in Singaporehas screwed, dowelled, and dovetailed. 

Besides the joints, you can also check the quality of your chest of drawers in Singapore by opening the drawers. The drawers must slide smoothly and quietly without any resistance. 

The wobbly test

The last yet the most important is the sturdy test. The stability of furniture is essential when it comes to safety. A person sitting on a wobbly chair or stool may fall from their seat. 

Unstablechest of drawers in Singapore may topple over kids and toddlers who grab hold of the furniture to stand and work. It could be a problem if the fitting is too heavy and bulky for the kid. 

Before purchasing wooden furniture, make sure it is equally levelled on the floor. Try sitting on the stool to check if the chair can support your weight and movement without the risk of tumbling down.

For thechest of drawers in Singapore, try shaking and pulling them. If it topples over easily, skip the furniture. 

Did your wooden furniture pass the four tests? Now that you know how to differentiate a high-quality wooden fitting from a poorly made one, it is time to learn how to protect it from its natural enemies. 


The Enemies Of Your Wooden Furniture And How To Combat Them


The environment’s humidity significantly affects the moisture content of your wood. If the air is too dry, your wood is highly likely to shrink, crack, and split. If the humidity level is too high, your wood has a high chance to swell. 

To combat this effect, you can use humidifiers to control and neutralise the moisture in the air. 


Wood absorbs water well. Soaking it in water affects and rots the integrity of the wood. 

Make sure to wipe dry the spills on your TV console in Singaporeimmediately. Use a dry cloth when cleaning. Avoid placing them near water. 


Heat causes surface damage to the wood. It leaves marks on the finish and causes them to crack and split. 

Make sure to use covers when placing hot pots on the table. Don’t place your laptop directly on the table’s surface. 


Engineered wood and softwood are more prone to termites. Termite invasion in your Scandinavian furniture in Singapore goes undetected. 

Avoid direct contact of your furniture to the soil. Look for signs of termite infestation, such as droppings and mud tubes near your fittings.


High-quality wooden furniture is built to last. With proper inspection and maintenance, expect to hand down your furniture to the next generations.

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