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How To Maximise Productivity In A Work From Home Setting

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” When the COVID-19 became a global pandemic in 2020, many countries, including Singapore, have enforced draconian measures to limit, prevent, and manage the spread of the deadly virus. Many have enforced border lockdowns and travel restrictions, establishment closures, and implemented a remote learning and work setup for education and corporate sectors.

Adaptiveness being in the blood of Singaporeans, have helped many people adjust to the new normal. Many have created their office spaces in the nooks of their homes by purchasing an ergonomic table in Singapore. Others have been transforming the dining area into an office during the day.

However, this setup has created a grey difference between a home and an office. These vague distinctions have put a toll on the mental health of workers. This article will discuss the impacts of work-from-home setup on the productivity and mental health of an employee. The next chapter will tackle how Herman Miller Aeron office furniture in Singaporecould improve these impacts.

The Impacts Of The Work From Home Setup On The Mental Health and Productivity Of Employees

Working in the office is very different from working at home. Apart from the environment, the fellowship and more personal connection with colleagues and co-workers have been slightly affected.

Meanwhile, it has become harder for workers to differentiate and set aside work and home duties.

Lack of Social Contact

The primary goal of work from home setting is to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus in workspaces by minimising face to face contact. This health measure may have managed the spread effectively, but mental health has taken a toll on the social isolation it created.

Although introverted people took this as a slight adjustment, it is an enormous modification for extroverted and outgoing people.

It is a human thing for people to commune with others. Some people receive this home confinement, and the social environment changes worse than others. Isolation aggravates loneliness and sadness amongst people. It is also harder for people to maintain productivity with extreme loneliness.

Apart from mimicking the office atmosphere at home by using Herman Miller office chairs and desks, regular virtual fellowships and maintenance of a personal level of connection help compromise with lack of social contact.


Many people believe that the work from home setup has its fair share of perks. It includes eliminating travel time and expenses, daily food allowance, and having ample time with your family. Yet, it also causes burnout among other people.

The lines that separate home and work duties have become grey. Some people tend to work longer hours at home due to several reasons. Amongst them is the lack of appropriate materials for work. There is also a guilt feeling of needing to contribute and work more to return the “perks” of working at home.

This kind of thinking leads to the burnout of employees. The employees may seem productive at first, but burnout may demotivate them slowly.

There are many ways to prevent burnout. Creating a daily schedule can help employees to separate their home and office tasks. Having a private space for a home office with its own tools and furniture, such as an ergonomic desk in Singapore,may help switch the person on and off their employee mode.

Divided Attention

One of the drawbacks of work from a home setting is divided attention and focus. Many employees juggle home and work duties during work hours. Some employees have to prepare a meal for themselves or their family in between tasks. Others have to take a break from work to soothe their whining babies.

The situation worsens when a family member becomes sick and needs special attention. It divides the focus of the employee and adds to work-related stress they already have on hand. Divided attention affects the productivity and mental health stress of the worker.

Having a home office with complete furniture, likeHerman Miller office chairs and desk, won’t help in this situation. The company can hold HR counselling with each employee to learn their mental and emotional state. By then, HR could provide ways on how to separate responsibilities without impacting the productivity of the employees. Some steps may include allowing flexible time or adjusting the workload.

Now that you know the impacts of work from home setting on the mental health and productivity of the employees, the remaining question is: how to mitigate these effects.


How To Maximise Productivity In A Work From Home Setting

Have A Comfortable Home Office

A private home office gets the person on their employee mode. Your home office does not have to have a complete set of office furniture. Having comfortableHerman Miller Aeron office chairs and desks in Singaporeand organised and tidy home workspaces are enough to mimic the office vibe. Transforming a separate room is essential in locking away distractions, but using your bedroom as an office can work as well.

Choose Ergonomic Furniture

Many people use limited space and tiny nooks as their office. People can still have enough room for their equipment and even themselves by opting for anergonomic desk in Singapore. Apart from having multiple functions, it also encourages proper posture and mobility in the tiny space.

Prepare Yourself

One of the advantages of working from home is having the freedom to wear your pyjamas while working. Although comfort is one of our work motivations, preparing yourself for work helps us get into employee mode. Taking a bath and having energising breakfast before logging in to work and sitting in one of yourHerman Miller officechairs give you a fresh start and finish.


Some offices allow their employees to decorate their space or cubicles. You can do the same with your own home office. Adding plants, decors, and essential oil diffusers keep your mood in tune. At the same time, plants and mood boards spark creativity. Creativity contributes to brainstorming meetings and other collaborative work.


What is happening today is indeed the new normal. For the past year, many people have learned to adjust to the work from home setting. With baby steps, we could function as efficiently as before in this setup.


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