How to brighten up your dark room

Not every house is blessed with natural light. But luckily, here we are going to suggest few tricks in which one can use to brighten his or her house. You don’t need to renovate or install new windows or even spend a lot of money. All these tips can be done with the minimum expense. Its all about optical illusions that adds-up the instant brightness. Here are the simple tricks to brighten up a dark room.

  • opt for light colour scheme

In most cases, dark rooms are always painted with dark paints or there is bad lighting or heavy curtains which are opaque. To brighten up a dark room use the lighter paints on your walls since the lighter the colour of wall, the more light is reflected. If your walls are neutral, paint the ceiling a shade of lighter to help light bounce around the room.

  • Be mindful of paintings

Put your large and dark artworks in rooms that have adequate light. Never cover your walls with dark hangings, paintings or posters. If your wall is covered with ats, they will absorb the sunlight streaming into your space rather than reflect it Canvas painting is a beautiful decorative tool. But too much dark shade can make a room feel closed. If your room suffers from darkness, add a bold color painting for the darkroom, enhance the look and feel of the place.

Simply, a bright painting in a dense frame is an excellent piece to decorate the dark walls. This will bring happy colors without restraining the room. Having a canvas painting at home creates a focal point, which adds depth with images and pops of color. You can mix beautiful landscape painting with travel photos that feel like you are exploring the world. You do not need any special advice or training or a special designer. Simply Purchase bold color painting on canvas or any other original wall artworks from an online art shop like www.indianartzone.com to make your dark wall room cozy.

  • Hang mirrors

You can increase the amount of sunlight in your room by allowing sunlight rays bounce off the reflective surfaces. This is made possible by hanging a large mirror directly across from the largest window in your room, or by arranging an array of decorative mirrors helps to brighten up a dark room of your house. 

  • opt for matte and not glossy

It may seem counter-intuitive, as glossy walls and surfaces can create glare rather than reflect light equally. Matte surfaces, on the other hand, reflect the light every direction and brighten up a dark room.

  • Clean your windows

Simply, by making an effort in window cleaning has a major effect on amount of sunlight entering to brighten up a darkroom. However, the less dust and dirt on your doors and windows, the more sunlight enters into a making it brighter. 

  • Supplement your daylight

Carefully think about where you place the light stands in your room. To brighten a dark room or corner use indirect lighting (torchiere floor lamp upward to the ceiling). As it takes over where the daylight on the ceiling starts to fade away.

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