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How Much Stamina for Master Sword TOTK

In the sprawling universe of The Legend of Zelda, one of the series’ most iconic symbols is the Master Sword. Players of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” (BOTW) are often eager to claim this blade for their own. The Trial of the Sword (TOTK) is one such path leading to this mighty weapon. A burning query among players is centered on the stamina required to obtain the Master Sword via TOTK. This article deciphers the enigma, breaking down stamina’s role in this engaging quest.

Understanding Stamina in BOTW

Before delving into specifics, let’s grasp the concept of stamina in Breath of the Wild. Stamina plays a pivotal role in Link’s journey, dictating activities such as running, swimming, and climbing. Presented in a circular green bar, it’s an essential aspect that influences the character’s actions and overall gameplay.

Master Sword: A Prized Possession

The Master Sword, often referred to as the “Sword that Seals the Darkness,” is a beacon of hope in Hyrule’s history. In BOTW, its presence becomes even more critical as Link’s primary tool to counter Calamity Ganon. Yet, to wield it, certain prerequisites need to be met.

Stamina & TOTK

Now, to the core concern: how much stamina is required for the Master Sword via the Trial of the Sword? Interestingly, stamina isn’t the direct key here. Instead, it’s the heart containers. A player needs 13 heart containers to draw out the Master Sword from its resting place in Korok Forest. The Trial of the Sword, meanwhile, is a challenge designed to power up the Master Sword, not obtain it. Stamina doesn’t influence your ability to initiate or complete the TOTK, though it can influence how you manage its challenges.


Can I exchange stamina vessels for heart containers to get the Master Sword?

Yes, players can visit a specific horned statue in Hateno Village to swap stamina vessels for heart containers and vice versa.

Does the Master Sword break in BOTW?

While the Master Sword doesn’t break permanently, it can run out of energy and needs to recharge over a ten-minute interval after extensive use.

Is completing the Trial of the Sword necessary for defeating Calamity Ganon?

No, the Trial of the Sword is optional. However, completing it enhances the Master Sword’s power, making subsequent battles easier.


In the immersive world of BOTW, while stamina guides many of Link’s actions, obtaining the Master Sword through TOTK isn’t dictated by it. With the required 13 heart containers in place, the legendary blade can be yours. Remember, while stamina isn’t pivotal in the quest for the Master Sword, it remains a key element in navigating the broader challenges of Hyrule.