Wednesday - September 27,2023

How I Hired the Best Carpet Cleaning Services for Me 

While our office janitors did vacuum our office carpets, hiring professional carpet cleaning in Singapore to give our vacuum carpets a deep clean every once in a while was necessary. This maintenance ensures we keep our office sanitary for coworkers and visitors alike. It also helps it look more presentable, which is essential if we ever get any important visitors.

We had always relied on a particular cleaning company to help us with these regular maintenance checks. However, because we relocated our office recently, the cleaning company has become too far away for us to continue hiring. That leaves me in charge of looking for suitable carpet cleaning services to serve as a replacement.

Tips for Choosing Professional Cleaning Services

At first, I didn’t know how to begin. After all, we’ve become so used to the old company that we didn’t even consider replacing them. However, one of my coworkers regularly hires a company for carpet and mattress cleaning in Singapore, and she taught me how to look for the best cleaning services. Here are the following lessons I’ve learned from her:

  • Look for recommendations and online reviews. The best way to begin the search is by looking at other people’s past experiences with various companies and seeing if they recommend their carpet cleaning services. My coworker also highly recommended the company she hires for her house but told me to add it to my list and keep looking anyway.
  • Get price quotations. Most companies offering office carpet cleaning in Singapore can offer interested clients free quotations. I had a pen and paper ready while I called various companies to list their prices and see which fit our budget best.
  • Ask about the equipment they use. I asked what cleaners they used, so I could search if the chemicals were harmful to people or the environment. I also asked what tools they used so I could determine how effective they’d be.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Hiring Carpet Cleaning Services

After some thinking, I finally chose a suitable professional carpet cleaning in Singapore. After that, all I had to do was book the appointment. Thankfully, that part was easy.

First, I listed everything I needed to be done with the office’s carpets. In this case, I needed a total deep clean to eliminate any bacteria, dirt, or fungus. I called my company of choice, communicated the services I needed, and got an exact quotation. We set a final date for the appointment, which was conveniently a weekend so the employees would be away. The day the office carpet cleaning services in Singapore arrived, I oversaw the entire appointment to ensure they would do the job. Thankfully, they did well, and I included a good tip alongside my payment.

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