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Here’s Why You Need to Denver Exterminator Sooner Than Later

From the moment you see one, you’re worried you’re going to spot another. That’s because when an ant infestation strikes, the queen ant can lay eggs while other ants attract even more ants to a nest. The end result is an exponentially increasing number of ants in your home or business. You don’t need to be a Denver exterminator to know it’s no fun having ants around. But you do need to understand how ants follow the food source, and what that means for you as a company or homeowner. Start by understanding all it takes for ants to survive.

Ants survive off of crumbs

Ants only need a pinch or two of a food source to survive. That’s one reason why a 2019 Consumer Affairs survey found ants were the most concerning of all pests. Your piece of sugary banana you ate for breakfast will be gone before the end of the day if you leave it sitting near an open window on a warm summer day. A piece of fried chicken won’t disappear overnight, though it’s worth noting that the same conditions that support ant infestations might also support maggots, flies, and silverfish. The point is that while wild animals like deer and fox need other live animals to feed off of, ants can survive with virtually nothing, meaning the longer they are around, the greater chance that they can multiply at a much faster rate than you would expect. If you’re thinking you can handle a few ants without a Denver exterminator, think again. Ants don’t need much.

Ants attract other ants

A trail of pheromones will lead a string of ants along a path to where the food is located. You’ll see a straight line leading from your bottom kitchen cabinet over to the corner where your trash can is and you still might have to locate the food source. The problem with ants attracting other ants is that you’ll have too many to deal with at one time. Of course, that means when ants start letting others know they’re around, you might want to hire a Denver exterminator today to stop the problem from getting worse. Research shows ants follow a pattern when adhering to foraging styles. So, if you look hard enough, you’ll see signs that the ants in your home or business are working in sync, and are in the process of attracting others.

Ants spoil your home’s appearance

Today, your home may appear welcoming and comfortable for the fall or uplifting and energizing for this spring or summer. The problem is, when ants arrive, the sheer number of them can quickly spoil a home’s appearance, making a room or, more often, a business, look terrible to customers and unsuspecting guests. While you can kill ants quickly with household products from your local convenience store, sparing even a single insect will leave an unsightly mess for someone else to find. As if the problem is greater than it seems, the sign of ants makes people’s skin crawl, and it’s not long before they believe there are more. If you’re smart enough to be on the safe side, exterminators have the equipment, insecticides, and knowledge of ant infestations to solve your problem.

In addition to these three problems with ant infestations, ants poison your food and place your pets at risk. There is no reason you should have to live with an ant infestation, especially when you probably have plans to remodel and rejuvenate your home. A Denver exterminator will already have the training and experience needed to eliminate insects from the home. That means a relaxing season for you, no matter the time of year.