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Hand Surgery | Do I Need to Get One?

It is no secret that hands may play a crucial role in our lives. Without them, we could not draw out our imagination on paper or write down the computation we did in our minds.

In short, we would have a hard time doing what we always do every day, whether for personal or work reasons. We might even consider using our feet to do everything, and that is how great hands are.

That is why when our hands get broken as they are fragile, it would be inevitable not to get hand surgery. And when people hear about “surgery”, they become scared. This word sends fear, which makes them overthink things.

Therefore, before you assume you need to get hand surgery in Singapore, you might want to check your hands. By observing them, you would gain clues whether you should get one or not. Keep reading to find out if you need to get one, along with the things you need to get ready for the procedure.

When Should I Get Hand Surgery?

Even those who take good care of their hands will eventually need to get hand surgery if their hands no longer work the same as before. If you cannot figure out when to get one, let these signs tell you the time.


Before a hand doctor asks you to get a hand surgical procedure, they will address the pain in other treatments. Most of the time, it is either physical therapy or acupuncture. Both of these methods help alleviate the pain and improve mobility.

Therefore, if none of the noninvasive procedures works, getting hand surgery is your last option. If you left your hand untreated, you might not be able to use your hand or do your usual routine the same as before.


Do you keep losing grip on the things you are holding? If your answer is yes, chances are you have carpal tendon syndrome. It is a nerve disorder that could considerably affect your daily life. As such, you might not finish your task on time and have to ask others to do it for you.

In other words, your hand becomes less helpful. the more it loses its grip to hold things. To prevent that, you would need to get hand surgery to repair the damaged nerve.


Whether you fracture your wrist or have tendon ruptures, undergoing hand surgery is necessary to get it fixed. Mind that when it comes to bone or nerve problems, they do not heal themselves. The hand doctor needs to strict each tissue to connect them and be able to move again.


Even though feeling numb or tingling is normal when you put your hands at rest at a particular position for a long time, they could be a sign of nerve problems. That is why if your hands suddenly feel numb or tingle for no reason, make sure to see a hand doctor right away.

Once you notice any of these signs, do not waste more time and make sure you see a hand specialist in Singapore. Take note that discovering the symptoms at an early stage is the best preventive method in any condition. For this case, your hands would less likely lose their mobility.

How to Prepare for and Manage Hand Surgery?

When you need to undergo hand surgery, getting ready would help you a lot, from receiving optimal results to recovery. That is why before you leave your consultation appointment, ask the hand doctor there about what you need to do. Doing so would help so much in your preparation.

Nonetheless, here are the things you need to do. They can help you prepare and manage hand surgery. Make sure you keep them in mind so you would get the most out of the procedure.



You need to so you would not have any problem changing your clothes back from the hospital gown. Also, their fabric would not cause friction with the treated hand.


To take away the fear of getting hand surgery in Singapore, as someone to go with you. They either be your family member, a friend or your significant other. Just make sure they are someone you trust since they have to drive you back home after the procedure ends. They might also need to take care of you during your recovery time.


You have to file a week or two weeks worth of sick leave since that is the minimum timeframe for recovery. During that time, you are not to move or use your treated hand.

That is why while you are resting at home, let other people take care of you. Otherwise, the stitches on your hand might open and get exposed to infection.


Speaking of valuables, this means watches, earrings, bracelets or any accessories you often wear with your OOTD.  Make sure you are not eating either one of them since they would only get in the way during the hand surgery.

The only valuables you could bring with you are dentures or eyeglasses if you have one. If you wear contacts, you may wear them. Just make sure to bring the solutions with you.


This tip might sound so obvious, but it is worth mentioning since you would have to wait a week or two before you are allowed to take a bath.

Therefore, take a shower the night before the procedure and the following morning. Doing so would help you keep clean and fresh.

Do You Want to Learn More About Hand Surgery?


Since hand surgery is so common, the more you need to know about this procedure. That is why instead of searching for the answer online, it would be best to ask a hand doctor in Singapore. This medical expert can explain everything to you, from its risks to side effects,

Leave Advanced Hand, Wrist & Nerve Centre a message now if you are interested in knowing more about hand surgery.