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Forms of Horse Racing Bets in Online Racing Betting

Horse race betting can be done in many forms. Apart from the popular types of betting, you will come across many forms of betting as well.

In online racing betting, you have to choose the bet type and form carefully. It is safe to go with simple and straight bets if you don’t have enough knowledge.

You can bet from singles, doubles to multiple bet types. Most of the professional bettors go with complicated forms of betting as the payout is good.

Online Racing Betting Forms:

Here are some of the most popular types of race betting. In inline betting, you will come across all these types of bets.

  • Single: It is the simplest form of a bet. In this betting type of place a single bet on a single race event. It is very popular amongst beginners.
  • Double: This is another form of betting. In this form, you place a single bet but on two outcomes instead of one. To win the bet, you need to win both the outcomes.
  • Treble: In this form of bet, you place a single bet but on three outcomes. To win the complete bet, you need to win in all the three outcomes of the bet.
  • Trixie: In this bet, there are a total of four bets but only three selections. Out of the four bets, three bets are doubles, and one bet is treble. To win the bet, at least two selections must come true.
  • Accumulator: It is a single bet but with more than four selections. To win accumulator bet, you need to win in all the selections.
  • Patent: There are a total of seven bets and four selections. Out of the seven bets, there are three singles, one treble and three doubles.
  • Lucky 15: This online racing betting form is very famous. There are a total of 15 bets and four selections. Out of the 15 bets, there are four singles, six doubles, one fourfold and four trebles.
  • Yankee: It is a form of 11 bets with four selections. Out of the 11 bets, there are four trebles, six doubles and a fourfold. To win this form of bet, you need to win at least two selections.
  • Canadian: It is also called as Super Yankee. There are a total of 26 bets with five selections. Out of the 26 bets, there are ten trebles, five fourfold, ten doubles and one five-fold.
  • Heinz: There are 57 bets in Heinz. There are six selections of bets. There are 20 trebles, 15 doubles, six fivefold, 15 fourfold and one sixfold.
  • Lucky 31: As the name goes, there are 31 bets and five selections. There are ten doubles, five singles, ten trebles, five fourfold and one fivefold.
  • Alphabet: There are 26 bets in this form. It comprises of 6 selections: these two patents, one sixfold and 1 Yankee.
  • Flag: There are six doubles, one fourfold, six up and down and four trebles.

These are the popular forms of bets in online betting. You can choose any of these bets in online racing betting.