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First Aid: How to Apply a Bandage?

First aid can be provided at the site of injury to the victim (self-help) or his comrade (mutual aid). These are temporary cessation of bleeding, application of a sterile bandage to a wound or burn surface, artificial respiration, indirect heart massage, administration of sedatives, extinguishing of inflamed clothing, transport immobilization, putting on a gas mask, removing (removing) the victim from the infected area, partial sanitary treatment. Erste-Hilfe Kurs München will teach how to apply bandages in case of different injuries.

Sehtest und erste hilfe kurs defines the main purpose of the bandage is to protect the wound from contamination and stop bleeding from it. An individual dressing bag, bandage, gauze, tape made of clean sheets, underwear, towels, etc. are used to apply the bandage. 

The compression bandage puts extra pressure on the blood vessels in the wound, stopping the venous bleeding. Large venous bleeding is life-threatening, so a properly applied compression bandage can save lives. By erste hilfe kurs fahrschule there are rules for using an individual dressing package:

  • The bandage is applied from a sterile material with clean, well-washed hands, the skin around the wound or the focus of the disease (abscess, etc.) is treated with an antiseptic.
  • The victim should lie or sit in a comfortable position when applying the bandage, and the rescuer should be placed nearby so that he can see the patient’s face and the entire dressing surface.
  • The leg is bandaged in an upright position, and the arm is bent or half-bent at the elbow and slightly away from the torso.

Erste hilfe kurse teaches that properly applied bandages should look neat, aesthetically pleasing, if possible not to distort the contours of the limb, head, or torso. If you follow these rules, the bandage will prevent secondary infection of the wound.