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Fire Safety for New Restaurant Owners

Opening a restaurant involves seemingly endless decisions. From menu items and décor to marketing strategies and staff uniforms, it might be easy to forget about some of the more mundane factors like fire prevention. It may not be fun to think about, but fire safety is a critical consideration in a restaurant.

Preparation and Prevention

Proper materials, ventilation and range hoods are just a few of the fire protection systems New York that can help you stay ahead of dangerous flare-ups. Fire extinguishers, alarms and sprinklers will inevitably come in handy in a commercial kitchen. This can be a complicated process with many legal minimum standards to meet. A fire risk assessment will need to be conducted on the premises, which will help you determine any additional steps to be taken. Additionally, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has guidelines for fire prevention, so make sure your business meets all the requirements.

Evacuation Plan

All staff should also be aware of the evacuation plan should an emergency occur. Create an escape route and designate some employees to safety roles. Practice with periodic fire drills – they serve an important purpose. People may not have time to examine the posted fire escape routes in an emergency, and practicing helps keep people calm if a fire should ever require quick evacuation. Fire drills aren’t just for school kids, they help people of all ages.


Keeping the kitchen clean is crucial because grease and food particles can become hazardous around high heat and open flames. A long shift in a hot kitchen could tire anyone out, but the day’s not over until the kitchen gets cleaned thoroughly. This includes equipment, cooking surfaces, range hoods and every other area where grease buildup occurs.

Don’t let the details overwhelm and distract you. Safety is a top priority in a restaurant.