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  Fashion Psychology: What Do Your Luxury Bags Tell About Your Personality?

Whatever the event is, pairing your outfit of the day (OOTD) with luxury bags like a tote bag can make things perfect. Even if you are wearing something too plain, expect the guests who also attend the event cannot help themselves to turn their heads in your direction and admire everything.

Indeed, having designer tote bags can make you look fashionable, even if you do not know how to dress up as fashionably as celebrities do. The moment you wear a luxury bag, it gives you a complete look for your outfit and adds some presence that makes people notice you exist. It is no wonder why many people love buying luxury bags, even if they are beyond what they can afford.

The answer you will get once you have read through this article has nothing to do with your horoscope or zodiac sign but with the style of luxury bags that you always shop for.

What Do Your Luxury Bags Tell About Your Personality?

1. Backpack

Are you someone who wants to explore the world with nothing but essentials like Kagome from Inuyasha? If your answer is yes, the type of luxury bag that you should get is a backpack. They are a perfect womens travel bag since you can store many things inside without disrupting your comfort and style. Thus, they are perfect for someone who loves adventure like yourself.

2. Handbag

If travelling too far is not your cup of tea, getting handbags for women should be your go-to. This type of luxury bag is a must if you want to be intelligent and trendy at the same time.

It is not surprising since most handbags for women have a classic and polished appearance, so most women are investing in getting one for themselves.

3. Tote Bag

Even though designer tote bags seem to be for a laid back look, women who are always on the go—wear them wherever they go. With the open-top and single and huge compartment, this bag style is a carry-all—hinting your preparedness to everyone that you are ready to face anything that might happen throughout the day.

Whether you need to change into a new outfit after work or wear slippers to relieve your legs after wearing high heels for hours, designer tote bags always have your back, as you will never run out of space to store all of your essentials.

4. Clutch

This delicate looking luxury bag is a fashionista’s greatest friend and epitomises classic, glamour, and elegance. Even though the lack of storage makes it inconvenient to carry, many women wear it to formal events.

Wearing a clutch gives people a hand that you are attracted to beauty in all forms.  Whether in art or decor, and a minimalist at heart, this luxury bag can highlight a subtle but stylish silhouette that makes anyone want to learn more about you.

5. Sling Bag

Another type of bag that showcases your adventurous personality is a sling bag. Wearing this across the body gives your hands freedom to move around and do many things. You will never miss the opportunity to as you securely tuck your luxury bags beside you.

A hands-free luxury bag is perfect for a free spirit woman since it can make you look bold while carrying essentials, which is why a sling bag is a great go-to companion for your mini-adventure.

6. Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is a perfect accessory for someone who has multiple roles playing in life. If you are someone who wants to face anything in all circumstances, opting for a shoulder bag gives you a timeless look.

Just make sure you own a decent shoulder bag so you can shift from a casual lunch to a workday meeting and be ready even for a sudden romantic date night. Luxury bags such as this is also a not-so-subtle way to show off your accomplishments and exude overflowing confidence throughout the day.

3 Other More Things You Will Discover About Yourself Based On How You Carry Your Luxury Bags

Apart from the type of luxury bags you own, the way you carry them with your OOTD has to say more about your personality. Discover more about yourself below.


1. The Nook

This way of carrying handbags for women is the most popular way for most women to wear luxury bags. You will notice that those who nook their luxury bags give them a more professional look that holds a stable position in a company.

It is not surprising since this look projects confidence that a woman has. The way they carry highlights their conviction as they hold their handbags for women in the spotlight.

2. The Dangle

Dangling luxury bags are not the most practical thing women should carry. This way of holding a luxury bag only conveys how nervous they are in their surroundings and how they should be interacting with anyone around the room.

If you hold your luxury bags this way in front of your body, you are only creating a barrier to the outer world. Your luxury bagsact as a shield together with your armed crosses.

3. The Tuck

Tucking your handbags for women like a clutch can make you look carefree and unconcerned about your appearance. Just guarantee when you carry your luxury bags this way, you are not holding them too tight. Otherwise, you would seem to look insecure about yourself.

The Bottom Line!

Make sure to dress up fashionably and carry your luxury bags with confidence now that you know what your collection of luxury bags has to say about your personality,

So, which style of luxury bag do you always want to carry whenever you go out? If you have something in mind, share your thoughts by writing it in the comment section below!

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