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OPPO is a mobile company, where the company makes different models of oppo mobiles for the people according to the new features. Oppo companies mainly sell smartphones and as well as mobile accessories like earphones, headphones, and many more.

OPPO A5s Features

Now I’m going to tell you about the main features of OPPO A5s. Now Oppo company has launched a new smartphone with a new model. The smart phone’s name is OPPO A5s. This model was launched on April 22, 2019. The OPPO A5s smartphone comes in various colors like red, green, gold, black, blue colors.

This model has 2gb, 3gb, 4gb RAM available for you. You can buy according to your choice and budget. Nowadays, everyone wants a smartphone which they can use it comfortably without lagging. So you know that the more the RAM on the phone, the higher the performance of the smartphone. If you want to buy a phone which you want to use daily and you can play a variety of games so you should buy a smartphone which has RAM more. So OPPO A5s gives you the opportunity to use 4gb RAM. You play your favorite games in it without any lagging problems.

And the storage of this model is also very good. You have two options, like 32gb or 64gb. Some smartphones come with only 16gb storage. So the storage will be full in less time. So why are you waiting to buy the oppo a5s and enjoy the storage capacity? The main part of the storage is that you can expandable up to 256 GB. So just guess how much you can store on your phone.

The smartphone contains dual sim. In both the sim, you can enjoy the speed of your internet because it gives you the opportunity to use both the sim 4g network. This a new feature because a lot of old phones contain dual sim, but the second sim slot does not give you a 4g network. There are new different features in this model to use it comfortably in the existing time.

The price of this smartphone model is also budget-friendly. It depends on which storage and RAM smartphone you are buying. The phone operating system is android oreo 8.1. Which I think is finest for this amazing smartphone. There many different smartphones and models available in the market, or you can buy it online. But different companies and models give you different prices for you to purchase it. But you will buy only that one which suits your using ability and which is suitable for your budget. So this OPPO A5s gives you the opportunity that you can purchase it, and the price is also medium.

You can use this phone for a long time. You should buy a phone to not just showing off. You should buy a phone which you can use it for a long time and does not give you any problems while using it.