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Everything You Need to Know About AV Training

Audiovisual (AV) training is instruction using visual aids, audio aids, or both. It is commonly used in personnel training, academic education, and technical training. 

Examples of Audiovisual Training Materials

In many libraries, especially schools, selecting audiovisual training materials is a routine activity. They include;

  • Compact music discs
  • DVDs
  • Music cassettes

Types of Audiovisual Training Equipment and Its Details

AV training is the best answer if you need to be productive. The following are essential audiovisual training equipment.


One of the most reliable projects that most people prefer today is overhead projectors. However, it is fundamental. This projector makes it possible for the audience to view even from a distance because it displays a much larger image proportion onto a screen or any white surface. This projector’s primary function is to enlarge images for easy viewing.


Computers are more modern and advanced, making a smooth transition than the slides. Its presentation is more professional and contemporary, helping in enhancing sounds and videos.


Have a wide range that has different specifications. When choosing an LCD projector, it is essential to check the lighting capacity, resolution, zooming power, and image’s clearness. 

Televisions and Videos

Televisions and videos are an essential part of audiovisual training presentation equipment. They come in a variety of in-built DVD players.


The projection screens are available as tripods and wall screens. It is useful in displaying and projecting an image. 


An excellent brand image requires good designs, which helps in marketing messages effectively.

Importance of Audiovisual Training

Audiovisual is a practical training because audiovisual communication is an effective form of communication.

  • AV helps the audience to remember information once they leave because they have psychological access.
  • The ability to widely present projected visual aids if a subject contains too much information can save the business time and easily absorb quickly. 
  • Using quality av equipment is useful in standing apart from competitions in the minds of people who matter, like investors, stakeholders, and customers, since competition in this world is as strong as ever.
  • Presenters who use AV are more persuasive than those who don’t, as AV builds audiences that are better equipped to put every information to use in real-life business situations.
  • With AV equipment, the presenter engages the audience by providing additional information, reinforcing key points, clarifying points, creating excitement, and emphasizing whatever is being said.

Advantages of Audiovisual 

  • Using audiovisuals helps the audience and students remember the concept and information for an extended time. 
  • It helps to bring effectiveness in learning as it conveys the same meaning as words giving clear concepts. 
  • In school, audiovisuals help the students to experience things vicariously. Therefore, integrating technology into the classroom is essential.
  • Using audiovisual aids is useful to maintain discipline in class as all the students’ attention will be focused on learning.

Audiovisual training is an essential tool in the learning process and everyday life. However, there can be adverse effects on the learning outcome if there is unplanned and improper use of audiovisual aids.