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Essential Tools You Need to Run a Restaurant

With everything turning tech-based in the light of COVID-19, restaurants too have started to employ software tools to ease their everyday business operations for smooth and efficient running. But, it is crucial for you to do the necessary research while selecting the right tools to operate your restaurant.

Here are a few important software tools to accelerate your daily operations and set your restaurant up for success:

The Essential Software Tools you Need to Run a Restaurant 

Point Of Sale System

Restaurant POS software is at the heart of a restaurant management system. It’s a circuit connecting all the key operational activities such as ticketing, billing, printing KOT and many more. When your customer’s orders are punched in, the details are generated in your database, and with a modern cloud restaurant POS software you are enabled to track all the important data and operations of your restaurant from anywhere. 

For example, Inresto’s restaurant POS software will enable you to provide table-side service, upsell/cross-sell items, increase kitchen efficiency & give you an edge by providing you with 30+ essential reports. It basically helps to streamline operations, increase your bottom line & make your guests happy all through one platform.

Table Reservation System

A significant aspect that keep customers coming back to your restaurant is the dining experience it offers. To continue providing a seamless experience, it is important to have a reservation management system in place. You should be able to accept table reservations from your website and manage those reservations through your restaurant management system.

Restaurant Billing Software

To ease billing hundreds of daily transactions in a restaurant business, you must have restaurant billing software installed. It makes the whole process much more simple and quick. The right restaurant billing software can help you manage numerous things including managing orders and inventories, tracking the sales and performance of the business, storing customer data for marketing purposes, and many more. 

Order Management System 

It is always a good idea to have a broader service reach to stay on top of the industry. Getting orders from your own order platform or online food aggregators can be more beneficial.

In the midst of a pandemic, ordering food online and eating at the comfort of one’s home is essential. Therefore, having an order management system to deal with all the orders pouring in regularly at your restaurant is significant. It helps you to cover all major channels, get notifications for order statuses and manage the important customer calls on one dashboard which eases your overall management process significantly.

Restaurant Finance and Accounting Software

Having finance and accounting software helps to determine the cost, track sales and profits, and also assist you to manage your taxes. A thorough research is essential before choosing the right software. Integrating specialized accounting software depending on your restaurant’s feature requirements  is a wise decision.


Running a restaurant business becomes difficult and extremely complex as your business grows over time. While managing a myriad of operations, delivering the best customer service is equally important. So, to simplify the challenges and do most of the heavy lifting for you, numerous software tools and restaurant management systems like inresto are available to help you focus on setting your business up for success.