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Enhance Your Luck This Year With Your Lucky Nail Color

2024 is here, and you might consider taking extra steps to make your new year lucky. You might be doing it for good luck or a promising future for you and your family. According to Thai astrology, different colors every day can break or make your luck. Nail color can also help you take auspiciousness whenever you go out. It not only allows you to add luck to your day but also helps you to look fashionable. Learn about your lucky nail color (สี เล็บ มงคล, which is the term in Thai) in this article if you want an excellent job or a peaceful life.

About Nail Color

Before choosing an auspicious nail color for your birthday, it is wise to learn about different types of nail colors.

  • PVC Nail Polish– With the help of this type of nail color, you can paint the imitation nails the way you want.
  • Shellac Nail Polish– The nail polish from CND Company is first applied to the nails, then dried in a UV light dryer.
  • Normal Nail Polish– This nail polish is usually available on the market and lasts up to 1 week.
  • Gel Nail Polish– At the store, you can make the nails with this nail polish using your lucky nail color.

These are some types of nail polish; another trending nail polish type is poly gel nail polish.

Acrylic nail polish, Breathable nail polish, and Dip powder nail polish.

Lucky Nail Color According To Your Birthday

If you are born on Sunday, you can use the Bhumimula color to attract money. Likewise, if you are born on Monday, you can paint your nails with bright colors to enhance your financial condition. And if you are looking forward to boosting your career, you can see gray tones in your nail color. Tuesday-born people can use dim black tones to paint their nails to enhance their finances, while they can use shades of green to improve their health.

If you are born on Wednesday, you can use red to level up your career and dark gray tones to keep your love life on track. On Wednesday-born, people should avoid pink or rose tones as they are inauspicious for them. Essential colors for Thursday-born people are light yellow for financial luck, pink for career, and grey for health. Friday-born people can use green tones for financial luck and pink toners for love life. On the other hand, on Saturdays, babies can use red tones for their economic well-being.