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Detection Of Water Infiltration In Walls And Slabs

You may not be able to imagine how many problems you will be getting rid of when detecting an infiltration in your home. Unfortunately, identifying an infiltration is not an easy task, but the detection of water infiltration may be the solution to guarantee the structure’s quality.

What Is Infiltration?

Infiltration is nothing more than the penetration of water into walls, windows, and the like, through tiny cracks or pores in materials that have not been waterproofed correctly, thus indicating a construction failure. This failure can affect the site’s structure and cause mold, cracking flooding, and others.

Types Of Infiltrations

You will often not be able to identify some infiltrations by the milder characteristics presented, which means that you do not solve the problem right away. That is why making leak detection and water infiltration as soon as possible is very important. Sometimes the infiltration does not happen directly in your apartment or home but the neighbor next door and ends up affecting you so you should invite an expert like  There are some ways to identify infiltration, they are:

Bubbles In Paint

The bubbles on the wall may appear, indicating the infiltration of water on the external walls, often occurring due to the lack of waterproofing on the walls. Some people think that these bubbles are flaws in the paint, but no, their lack of waterproofing occurs after contact with rainwater.

Gray Stains On The Wall

The unwanted gray or black stains on the walls are vital signs of moisture and seepage. Even if you try to disguise it with a new painting, it will soon reappear, so the detection of water infiltration is essential to solving your problem once and for all.

Loose Or Stained Baseboards

Suppose you see your furniture with loose baseboards; not imagining that there may be an infiltration in your apartment is not really. In that case, you will immediately think that it may be a defect in the furniture itself. However, this can be infiltration on the floor, and if water infiltration is detected, your problem can be solved quickly.

Stains Or Cracks In The Ceiling

When it reaches the stage of stains or cracks in the ceiling, the infiltration may have been occurring for some time. As water infiltration was not detected, the losses end up being more significant.

Window Sill

Another place where the state of conservation must always be observed is the windowsill. Rainwater or insulation problems can cause infiltration. You should call for maintenance and support from time to time.