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Customs brokers in Canada: Reviewing the need for importers!

Importing goods, animals and shipments for commercial purposes into Canada can be a lucrative idea for making profit. Exports & imports are subjected to various rules, regulations, and statutory requirements, and you need to have the right paperwork to get your shipment at the destination port. This brings us to the need of a customs broker. A customs broker, for the uninitiated, is licensed by Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) to help clients, both individuals and companies, with importing. Brokers like have been around for the longest time and they do what it takes to clear shipments for clients.

So, what can you expect when you work with a customs broker? We have a guide below for your help!

Hiring a customs broker

Let’s get this right first – there is no law that states that you have to hire a customs broker for importing into Canada. It is completely a personal choice, and as we mentioned earlier, customs brokers are licensed by CBSA, so their role is genuine. There are strict guidelines and laws in place for importing, and the primary role of a customs broker is to adhere to such laws. Expectedly, not all customs brokers are same, so do your homework before you select one. Experience, expertise, and ability to offer support around the clock are some of the core aspects of hiring a broker.

What to expect from customs brokers?

The role of a customs broker is a diverse one. They are responsible for ensuring that the documentation for clients is done as per rules, all duties and taxes are paid, all necessary codes are applied, and papers are submitted on time. They are also expected to have contacts within the importing industry, can talk to transport companies and can help clients in saving a considerable amount of money from allowances, where possible. Most customs brokers also double up as consultants, and they can guide you on how you can import and ways to mitigate the risks associated with selected categories. If you deal in commercial imports, it is a wise idea to engage a customs broker from day one, so that all the records, processes, and steps are managed effectively, which will also come in handy for auditing.

Check online now to find more on customs brokers and don’t shy away from asking questions when you choose one. Your importing business will flourish with inputs from an experienced customs broker.