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Custom Consulting Services you Can and Must Take a Benefit From

It’s not an easy task to get custom clearance on importing goods into the US mainland. The same holds true for all means of transportation – air as well as water. And then, there’s in-time delivery to end customers that you have to worry about once the parcel gets clearance from customs. Sounds too complicated – isn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. Which is why you need experienced custom consultants – like the ones at Clearit USA – to handle the entire process deftly.

Albeit we’ll be talking about all the freight services in the guide below, we will also make an additional portal to enlighten you about the benefits of hiring professionals.

So, let’s begin with the services first!

  1. Customs Consulting Services

This is the basic service provided at Clearit USA customs consulting.

Their consultants get in touch with your agent and work in close coordination to get you the clearance within 30 minutes. All that’s needed from your agent’s end is the purchase bill. In lieu, the custom agents can handle:

  • Trade agreements.
  • Tax requirements and exemptions.
  • Tariff treatment.
  • Compliance audit.
  • Document preparation.
  • Value of duty.
  • Special assessments.

PS – It can, though, at times, take about 3 hours to get the clearance if the consignment is a tricky one.

  1. E-commerce Services

When importing goods in the US with the intent to establish in the market, there are strict border formalities one has to go through. However, the process isn’t an easy one. There’s always a chance of miscommunication when there’s a lot of paperwork involved. So, it’s best to eliminate the need of paperwork and take the aid of e-commerce services provided by custom consultants.

  1. Cargo Insurance

All freights are prone to n-number of mishaps that can destroy your cargo entirely or cause excessive damage. Thus, it’s in your best interest to not consider it a trivial matter. Aside, the choice of clearance company matters since not all offer fair pricing. So, pick the ones like Clearit USA that have transparent pricing policies.

  1. White Label Customs Brokerage Service

This particular service is for all thriving freight forwarding and logistics providers looking forward to establishing cordial customer relationships in order to earn loyal clients.

Now that you’ve had an introduction with all the necessary custom clearance services, it might be further substantial to get an idea about the urgent need of hiring custom brokers and consultants to work on your behalf. Have a look!

  • Professionals can handle all kinds of complicated paperworks.
  • They navigate you through the entire process until the goods reach their desired destination.
  • They handle documentation and paperwork filing on your behalf.

So, if you’re looking forward to importing in the US, it’s best to grab onto a good customs clearing agency.