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Comparing Commercial Architecture To Other Types Of Architecture

There are different types of architecture like a commercial, residential, landscape, urban, and industrial. Each of these types has a similar kind of work but has its own unique execution. However, we are going to focus on commercial architecture and how it is different from other types of architecture.

  1. Commercial compared to Residential- These are the two most common types of architecture which can be differentiated by building size and footfalls. Most of the residential projects are smaller to commercial projects. Residential involves staying constantly in touch with your client and interior designer, discussing and making changes through the project. Whereas in commercial architecture, the client and architect may only meet 2-3 times, discussing the client’s demands and needs. Unlike residential, commercial architecture is more about necessities than customization.
  1. Commercial compared to Landscape– Landscape architecture is about outdoor spaces that involve parks, public spaces, neighborhoods, etc. The foot traffic in the landscape is a lot more than it is in commercial architecture. Both are large projects while landscape also focuses on visual appearance and condition, the commercial is more about needs and necessities. The safety of people, as well as the environment, should be considered while working on landscape architecture, and on the other hand, commercial architecture is more focused on the security of the closed working space.
  2. Commercial compared to Industrial- Some might argue that industry is a part of commercial architecture, but it is not true. Though both of these are related to the workspace, the commercial also has outsiders or customers visiting their offices while industries only include employer and employees. Commercial is building one large building but, an industry might include more than just one building and also a huge space to allow augmentation. Since a lot of production takes place in the industry, an architect needs to consider things like electrical outlets, specified cooling and heating, etc.
  3. Commercial compared to Urban- Urban architecture is a massive project as it involves designing and building of an entire city. Now it is obvious, urban architecture needs a lot of planning, brainstorming, and designing before finally being executed, and the entire project needs years to complete. Commercial architecture is also a big project but can be completed within a year or so.

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