Common Reasons to Visit Your Kid’s Dentist

Your child’s dental health starts at a young age, and if you’re a parent, you feel the weight of the responsibility. The decisions you make now will affect your child forever. Here are some specific reasons to visit a kids dentist Jacksonville.


If you have an active child, you’ll probably encounter a dental emergency at some point. You can prevent injuries by obtaining a mouthguard if your child plays sports, but what about other types of play? All it takes is a fall from the monkey bars to chip or break a tooth. Kids have even been known to lose permanent teeth, which can be highly upsetting for a parent. In any dental emergency, you’ll want to contact a dentist immediately after the injury to endure the quickest possible recovery.


If your child’s teeth are overlapping or too close together, they will likely find it difficult to clean properly. This can result in gingivitis and gum disease, which causes pain, sensitivity and inflammation. If you notice blood in your child’s saliva after brushing or flossing, gingivitis could be the culprit. It is nothing to be alarmed about and is not unusual in child patients. However, it can progress into a lifelong problem if not addressed properly.


If your child has tooth decay, a cavity will form and the hole has to be filled. To prevent this from occurring, help your child to brush and floss until he or she can manage autonomously. If your child has one cavity, others may follow, so take the decay as a warning. If you increase your level of supervision and remain vigilant, you might succeed in preventing additional accumulation of plaque on the surrounding teeth.

On top of regular cleaning, your child will need to see the dentist for the same reasons you would. Put the effort into your child’s dental health now, and you’ll prevent a future of dental woes.