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Choosing Your Options in CBD Packaging: No Easy Way Around

Online retailers often send several different CBD goods in a CBD tincture boxes package. These goods often vary in weight and some are significantly more sensitive than others. It is important to pack the goods in the correct order in the shipping packaging. How to pack several goods in one shipping box:

  • Heavy objects in the lower area
  • Light objects in the upper area
  • Sensitive objects in the middle
  • Distribute the weight of the goods evenly on the floor

Avoid Voids in the Shipping Packaging

The cbd packaging boxes should have no play in the shipping packaging; this is because the CBD tincture boxes can be damaged by vibrations or damages one another by hitting one another. In addition, the packaging wall can be easily pushed in. Tight packing is important, but your goods shouldn’t be squeezed too much either.

Avoid Contact Points

Sensitive goods should not be touched by other goods or the outer wall of the package, as this increases the likelihood of damage. The products should be held in place with cushioning material so that they are adequately protected from vibrations during shipping.

Separate Identical Articles

You should separate identical items from one another using suitable dividers inside the Custom CBD packaging. This prevents mutual damage to the goods and also ensures that the total weight is evenly distributed on the packaging base.

Use the Correct Padding

We have already mentioned it above: To adequately protect your goods from damage, you should ensure that your shipping packaging is properly cushioned. When it comes to upholstery, too, the type of goods, their value and their properties play a decisive role.  The following applies to the upholstery of goods:

  • A soft cushioning material should be used for light goods
  • A significantly harder padding material should be used for heavy goods
  • Particularly valuable goods should also be padded
  • Fragile goods must also be cushioned

The shipping packaging market offers various cushioning materials with different functions. In our overview you can see which upholstery materials fulfill which functions.

Position Goods As Upright As Possible

Some goods are intended to be shipped upright. This includes bottles or cardboard boxes with the liquid they contain. On the one hand, the upright position minimizes the risk of leakage, and on the other hand, the upright positioning supports the absorption of shocks.

Now that everything has been correctly packed in your shipping packaging and the package has been properly sealed, there are four other important points to consider before your shipping packaging can go on its journey with your products. In addition to standing upright, you can prevent leakage by sealing the products with a plastic bag, for example. If something does leak out, at least the other goods in your package are protected from this.