Wednesday - September 27,2023
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Check If The Painting You Are Buying Is An Original or A Fake One

A true art lover understands and feels the value of an original piece of art. However, some people are making money by selling fake artwork. Hence, if you are not very careful you might land up paying for an artwork that is not authentic and is fake. The common mindset is if it’s expensive, it has to be an original artwork, which is not true.

It is always advisable to take suggestions from an expert on authenticity before purchasing any kind of exquisite artwork. Check these tips on how to spot a fake painting.

Notice the trademark style of the original artist

  • Check on the work done by the artist in the past and notice the trademark style.
  • Research well on the artist’s painting style during early and late years and match with the painting you are said to be original

The Oil Painting artist, Lana Zueva needs a special mention as you can rely on the authenticity of her paintings. Born in Russia but residing in Australia, this 50-year-old artist has made oil paintings her favourite medium to create masterpiece artworks in a style that was popular in the old days of Russian pioneer artists. Her art collections have complete copyright and she can dabble with supremacy in a variety of styles including landscapes, animals, florals, and still-life.

Check the signature

Check the placement of the signature, the spelling, and the style and then assess the other artworks of the artist.

  • Look for consistency in the signature or is it placed at some other position
  • Is it flowy or forced?
  • Are the letters matching?
  • Most artists usually sign in colours that match the colours of their artwork
  • Most artists date their work and mention the location also

Materials used

When you are shopping for original oil paintings for sale, look for the materials used that were available at the time dating back when they were supposed to have been created.

  • The old essence of the canvas, the frame, the paint, everything speaks about the originality
  • Notice if there are any brush bristles stuck onto the painting, which is a common way to check the originality of the artwork
  • Original paintings will never have any traces of brush bristles.
  • There will be no smell of fresh paint in an old painting and the framing will be done in place of the subject without any odd combination
  • A real painting will have light penetrating through the back of the canvas as original artists use varying paints in some areas
  • Fake paintings fail to portray the depth of layered colours.

Lana Zueva painting artist ensures that her customers get original paintings in her art gallery. She has created a lot of artworks, participated in many exhibitions, achieved awards, and also offers commission works. All her genuine artwork comes with an authenticity certificate.

Take the advice of an expert before buying a high-priced painting who might use lab technology like radio-carbon dating. This determines the exact date of the documents of the painting and the materials used. The x-rays reveal if the composition was planned and executed in the normal style of the original artist.