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Bring Up Your Dreams for the garden buildings uk

Before buying an aluminum roof, it is advisable to define and check the environment in which it is to be installed.


Another important point is the foundation. Since every local event is different, the foundation is not supplied with the roof as standard. It offers different variants for the floor fastening of your roof. For example, if you choose a concrete foot with rainwater drain, you need to connect it to a sewage system.

Expand with a sunroof

In addition to our standard extensions and convenience options, the best garden buildings uk company offers you the option of adapting your roof structure so that you can place a sliding roof made of polycarbonate or glass on an existing roof. Barbecue under your roof, enjoy the sun and fresh air, but sit in the dry when it rains. A canopy is even more functional and flexible with the best building company sunroof.

The roof pitch

First, the base area on which the roof is to be built is measured. Then, what is often forgotten in advance, is to measure the height of the house wall to which the roofing is to be attached. The standard roof pitch is 8 °. If you deviate from this roof pitch, this affects the depth of your roof. For example, if the possibility of wall mounting is lower than the standard, the roof pitch becomes flatter and the depth of the roof increases. If the wall profile is mounted higher, the roof pitch rises above 8 °, but the depth of the roof decreases.

Depth of foundation

Another important aspect when creating the foundation is that it is planned deep enough. If it does not reach deep enough in the ground, there is a risk of sinking in heavy rain or frost. The best building company recommends placing the concrete foundations at least 80 cm deep (this may vary depending on the nature of the ground). If you want to simplify assembly, you should choose an adjustable concrete base.

Easy garden building

The Easy garden building is the entry-level model of our garden building. This inexpensive garden building is made of high-quality aluminum of German top quality and equipped with slim posts.

Sliding door and side walls

The Easy garden building is supplied with the Gardendreams kits of the sliding door including lock / lock and the kits of the side wall, each including glass.

Standard dimensions

The Easy garden building is available in 10 standard sizes.

Garden building with sliding glass walls

A garden building is an ideal transition between the apartment and the garden, both the apartment and the garden are expanded by one space as required.

Delivered completely

The great advantage of a garden building is that you order a complete system. The garden building with sliding glass walls consists of the Legend Edition roof, two wedge windows and complete with sliding glass walls. A roof covering made of glass warms the garden building faster and the heat is better kept under the roof. In addition, glass ensures maximum light transmission and an almost transparent view.