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Brent Emerson gives fashion tips to look stylish at all times

Searching for more stylish wear is not always about wearing the coolest trends, mastering complex styling tricks, or sporting the most costly clothes. It can actually be as easy as tucking in your shirt loosely, throwing on a pair of sunglasses, or including more layers to your look. Even if a particular collection feels outside of your comfort zone, just go around and act like it is something you wear all the time—your outfit is as much about your approach as it is the accessories and clothes.

Brent Emerson, a renowned fashion designer with stores in North Carolina and Arizona says that there are many ways to look fashionable, a few of which are listed below:

  • Ensure your clothes fit flawlessly. One challenge to making any item of clothing look incredible is to employ a good tailor. Tailored clothing not only looks elegant, but it also feels more at ease. Pants that haul on the ground and dresses that bunch up clumsily would not make you feel fashionable. If your wardrobe fits you well, you can begin to play with over- and under-sized items in a manner that feels stylish, not shoddy.
  • Work on your wardrobe. Ensure you have dependable wardrobe staples: a pair of jeans that fit flawlessly, an iconic little black dress, simple T-shirts, a classic blazer, and button-downs in neutral colors, and a graceful leather jacket. Investing in a collection of mix-and-match basics is important to look excellent.
  • Look for your personal style. Developing personal style can take years, but you can begin it whenever you want. Keep in mind that personal style is an experiment; you never know what incredible looks await you until you are in the dressing room. The groups “menswear” and “womenswear” should not read aloud how you shop. Take time to play with shapes and colors to find what looks perfect on your exclusive body.
  • Know how to balance quantities. Balancing quantities is about styling your dresses to make an overall visual agreement. The way you get this is by wearing clothes that are fitted to your body shape. When you wish to play with unusual shapes or oversized clothes, make it a fashion moment by keeping the rest of the look integral. For instance, try teaming up a tight crop top with jeans, or a shoulder top with straight pants.

Brent Emerson from North Carolina says that it is better to play with color. If you are nervous about adding color to your appearance, begin with only a colorful piece, and keep the rest of your look unbiased. As you get more comfortable with colors, you will understand which color combinations work ideal for your style.