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Best materials for staircases

The trends of modern architecture have changed a lot due to the evolving popularity of the use of recyclable and environment-friendly materials. It is fashionable today to build houses or at least use such materials for interior design, but it does not mean that builders and architects worldwide stopped using traditional materials like steel and plastic.

In-house staircases can be built out of different materials and in different styles. One of the most popular types today is modular staircases, which is also the simplest one and requires a small amount of resources. Use of steel and metal staircase design in general has a high popularity too.

The main pros of metal as a material for stairs:

  • Durability of the metal is difficult to overestimate. This material has been around for a long time for a reason.
  • The premium look you can get from the use of polished metal is impossible to beat.
  • The availability of the material is much higher than of recyclable resources in the majority of the countries.
  • The price is competitive due to the previous reason. Most countries produce their own metal.

The main cons include:

  • The process of extraction and production of the metal exhausts our planet’s resources and brings harm to the environment. It is not a secret that the metal industry pollutes our environment the most.
  • The stairs out of metal are usually rigid and cannot be moved or transported. There are lightweight types of metal, but the price on them is significantly higher.
  • Recyclable materials are becoming more popular and tendencies show that their availability and price will become more attractive in the nearest future too.

The choice of the materials for the house interior and indoor staircases is an important topic. Every person wants to get the best quality and value for money.