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Benefits of Sanding and Polishing of Timber Floors

A cracked and dull floor can reduce the charm of a beautifully decorated and clean home. Therefore, it is essential to keep your hoe flooring well-maintained. You don’t need to worry about the trends that come and go because timber flooring is a style that is classic and timeless. It offers a traditional aesthetic and coziness. With sanding and polishing, your timber floors can regain their lost glory.

Professional timber floor sanding and polishing ensures that the task gets done accurately. Several, DIY geeks underestimate the complexity that can pop up during timber floor sanding. It is time-consuming.

You can eliminate superficial imperfections with sanding easily but removing serious damage water damage is a task that needs floorboard replacement and not sanding. It is wise to look for professional flooring contractor to get job done right. 689 PTY LTD is a local flooring contractor servicing Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Tweed Heads areas, who is ready to meet all your floor sanding and polishing needs.

Benefits of sanding and polishing timber floor

Choose an individual style

You can choose an ideal color to create a unique look. The style you choose will reveal your individuality and personality. You get to choose a finish that highlights the final look. There are multiple stains in a variety of colors.

You can even customize stain finishes blending colors to suit your desire. The professionals work with you and help to choose a custom stain finish making your timber floor look glossy.

Eliminates dents and scratches

With daily living and sporadic accidents, it is normal that the timber floor gets dents, damages, and scratches. Sanding allows the timber’s top layer showing light scratches and dents to smoothen up.

Reduces allergies

Having timber flooring sanded and polished often reduces the number of allergens moving across home. Overtime the floor suffers from dents or scratches or wears out. Dust, debris, and pollutants get stuck or survive in this rough layer.

You cannot use steam cleaning techniques because as the flooring is worn, the polish layer is vulnerable and cannot protect from moisture penetrating inside. If anyone in your home is struggling with respiratory issues then their condition worsens. Polished floors never invite dust or dirt and sweeping and mopping is easy. The home air quality is pollutant-free!

Maintain your investment

You have installed the most expensive timber flooring, which is an investment. It is essential to maintain this investment as much as possible. Professional sanding and polishing of your wooden floor ensure that your investment is always in pristine condition.

Increases property value

Sanded and polished timber flooring not just add aesthetic to your home, but even appreciate property value. Timber flooring homes get a good reselling price but making them look ideal before selling boosts its resale value even more. Just a professional gloss can enable you to resell your home without any effort at a great price.

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