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Anxiety Symptoms and Acupuncture Treatment

Anxiety is intense discomfort with a dose of mental and/or physical symptoms that can accompany it. It is generated as an involuntary response of the body when receiving certain stimuli that the person understands as dangerous.

What Are These Stimuli?

These stimuli can be both external and internal (feelings, unpleasant thoughts, and memories). In a non-pathological situation, it would be an “adaptive” body reaction that allows you to be safe in situations that require it. This type of anxiety is healthy and necessary to move through life and exercise caution in moments of real danger.

When Do Symptoms of Anxiety Appear?

Symptoms of anxiety appear in different circumstances. These include:

  • If you exceed a certain intensity
  • If the adaptive capacity of the person fails

The symptoms are unclear and varied, which can make it difficult to diagnose. They are physical, mental symptoms or behavioral alterations according to specific situations. Acupuncture for anxiety is one of the usual treatments.

It is important to assess different factors such as:

  • Very good result in specific or mild cases and in the initial stages
  • Acupuncture treatments are very useful to stop chronic medications that are sometimes taken for years or to lower the doses of anxiolytics
  • In great anxieties or generalized anxiety, you will need to supplement with medication to obtain optimal results

The Results

What will the results be when treating anxiety with acupuncture? The results of the treatment will depend to a great extent on the personal reaction of each patient, but the improvement is evident when adding treatments. The patient’s environment and vital circumstances will also influence the results.

Treating anxiety before examinations will not be the same as the disappearance of a loved one, a situation of work overload, or the one that can be generated, for example, during some cancer treatments. The results may also vary depending on the time of evolution of the pathology. It is going to be different when a person has the first symptoms than if it has been treated for years in many ways and with different results.

The Emotions

Another case to take into account is the anxiety generated by positive emotions. It is not produced by unpleasant causes, but the degree of excitement and acceleration can cause symptoms that are worth trying.

What Advantages Does It Bring?

The advantages of acupuncture Denver located as a treatment are obvious since it will not produce dependence, nor do they need more and more doses as with some psychotropic drugs.


Therefore, you can conclude that it is an excellent option to treat anxiety as an adjunct or exclusively, assessing each patient very well with the customization that the treatments require. Two patients are not the same and probably the same patient at different times of his life will be treated differently.