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All You Need To Know About Air Hockey Table In Singapore

Air table hockey in Singapore is one of the classic arcade games in the world. Who hasn’t tried this exciting two-player game? Perhaps, some few who get their fingers swollen after being sandwiched by the puck and railings. Regardless of the experience you have with this arcade game, whether fun or painful, we can all agree that your childhood is incomplete if you have not played this game once.

But did you know the story behind air table hockey? If not, this article is for you. Once you learn the history behind this game, you might want to get this machine from arcade machines for sale in Singapore.

All You Need To Know About Air Table Hockey Table In Singapore

A Brief History

The team game designers from Brunswick Billiards, the company behind famous pool tables, invented air table hockey between 1962 and 1972.

In hopes of creating a table game that is quicker and more fun and exciting than the pool, the designers aimed to recreate a miniature and frictionless and iceless version of hockey. Since it is complicated to incorporate ice in a table game, they use the existing air table technology where the puck could float around on.

Before it became a staple in arcades along with shooting arcade games, people considered this game a sport, even forming a legit association for it in 1975— US Air Table Hockey Association (USAA).

It finally arrived in the arcade in the 1980s and became an instant hit among kids and adults. Today, it has become a staple as a basement game for many, along with a capsule machine in Singapore.

How to Play Air Hockey?

The rules for air hockey are simple.

RULE #1: Deciding the possession of the puck

You can decide which player will possess the puck first in multiple ways; it could be a toss coin or rock, paper, or scissors. But the general rule is there should be only one puck on the table.

RULE #2: Scoring

The player who puts the puck to their designated goal should earn one point. There is no score if the puck gets stuck halfway through the goal.

RULE #3: Taking turns

When the player makes a goal, the opposing player will serve the puck next. The losing player takes the first possession of the puck next round.

RULE #4: Striking the puck

The player can only strike the puck if it is on their side of the air hockey table in Singapore. If the puck is touching the centreline, both players can strike the puck.

RULE #5: Using the mallet

The mallet should be used to strike the puck, not to hold it by topping it down. Only the mallet touches the puck; no hands, fingers, or elbows.

RULE #6: Time-out

Each player can get a 10-second time-out. They can only call a time-out when they possess the puck.

Learning to play hockey is easier than learning how to operate a cotton machine in Singapore!

4 Reasons to Buy An Air Hockey Table In Singapore

Although air hockey tables are common in arcades, you can buy this game along with otherarcade machines for sale in Singapore for personal use!

Here are the reasons to buy an air hockey table:

1.   A component of your game room

Most game and recreational rooms have digital games, such as PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox. Board games, like Scrabble, Monopoly, and word factory, are common as well. Add air hockey and further improve your game room.

2.   Great tool for bonding

Since it is a two-player game, it is a great component for friends and families to bond with. Most importantly, unlike shooting arcade games, air hockey is a quick game family members can take turns in so everyone can play!

3.   Two-in-one game

There is an air hockey table in Singapore that can also be used as a PingPong table.

4.   Hand and eye coordination

This game trains hand and eye coordination and quick reflexes. It can be a form of exercise as well.

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing An Air Hockey Table In Singapore


Air hockey tables are extremely fun, and you can find them in many arcade machines for sale in Singapore. However, not all air hockey tables are created equal. Some are high-quality, others are not.

Here are the factors to consider when choosing an air hockey table:

1.   Table weight

Choose a heavy and sturdy air hockey table. Remember, because of the table height, players tend to lean their bodies on the table. If the table is not sturdy enough, it could topple down.

2.   Table surface

When you hover your hand on the table, you feel air coming from the tiny holes. Make sure all holes are clear and not blocked. The more the puck resists the air, the rougher it glides on the table.

3.   Motor

Besides the sound of the puck hitting the rails and the built-in music of the machine, the motor of the air hockey table in Singaporecan be noisy as well. It is better to choose the one with a silent motor.

4.   Puck

Some pucks are too heavy; they don’t glide on the table as smooth as you like. Some pucks are too light; they always fly off the table. Choose a puck that glides on the table according to your preference.

Some pucks come in different colours and prints as well. Find a design that you really like.

3 Maintenance Tips

●    Dusting

Brush the surface of the air hockey table in Singapore regularly to prevent dust from blocking the holes.

●    No food and water

Don’t place your food and drink near the table. Liquid can seep through the air holes, while hardened grimes could block them.

●    Servicing

If the motor is broken or the air is too weak, call an air hockey table servicing company for a check-up and repair.


Air hockey is one of the best games you can play in the comforts of your own home. It is fun, can make you fit, and be a tool for family bonding. What are you waiting for? Search for arcade machines for sale in Singaporeand look for an air hockey table!

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