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 7 Tips for Making Your Short Term Rental Accommodation Feel Like Home

Sometimes, the only way to achieve personal and career growth is to go abroad, or you can say the grass is greener on the other side. It is indeed challenging to live alone in a foreign country. You may have no close friends in the meantime, the language barrier can hinder you, and the adjustment to new social norms are all challenges you’ll face. Yes, it can make you homesick, yet you still want to continue your journey abroad.

If that’s the case, you should learn how to make your short term rental accommodation in Singapore feel like home. This way, you won’t long for your home back in your native country. When arranging your new place, remember to follow these tips below to be more adaptable.

 Tips for Making Your Short-Term Accommodation Feel Like Home

Homesickness can make your stay less bearable. Instead of focusing on your new job, you constantly think about going home because you miss your room, friends, and family. It could be difficult for the first few weeks or months of your stay.

You might feel like you have no friends to whom you can talk, or it’s hard to connect with the locals. Or maybe, you still haven’t adjusted to the social and cultural norms of the new country. Don’t worry, because there are ways to make your stay more comfortable.

This section will teach tips on making your short term rental accommodation feel more like home.



1) Find a Suitable Place

Before moving abroad, you find a suitable place for your apartment for rent in Singapore monthly. Check if the site will make you feel comfortable throughout the stay. Also, research about the neighbourhood. Will it be urbanised or more like a suburban place? Are you near necessities like groceries and clinics? All of these should be part of your consideration as they can dictate your level of comfortability.

A pro tip: you can look for agencies online that can help you settle before setting food to a foreign country. They can help you arrange the papers and other documents to finalise your short term rental accommodation. If you have friends abroad, they can be your representatives when submitting the requirements.

2) Research About the Culture and Norms

You might be shocked how your culture can be different from Singapore’s. Keep in mind some norms may not be acceptable in other countries. For instance, Singaporeans like to shake hands when greeting or departing because it shows formality. If you’re not used to shaking hands, locals might assume that you’re disrespecting their culture.

So, before looking for a short term rental accommodation, research the cultural norms by watching online videos, reading books, or asking your friends or family members who have already gone to Singapore. This way, you can have an idea about how society works.

3) Bring Personal Items to Display

When you rent a West Coast service apartment, you have the chance to redecorate your new living space. If you want to redesign your place, you can bring some personal items like picture frames, stuffed toys, or a gift from your friends and family. It will remind you of your life back at home and make you feel less homesick. These items may even inspire or motivate you to do better at your work.

You can make the adjustment period more bearable when you have something familiar that reminds you of your native home. You can also feel less alone by looking at your pictures with your best friends, parents, and pets.

4) Use Social Media

While lying on your bed, you can use your social media to talk with your friends. You can call them for a video chat and let them show you your new living place. Tour them around your short term rental accommodation while talking to them online. It will make you feel less lonely and more connected to them even if you’re apart from your friends.