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7 Tips For Maintaining Wooden Designer Furniture in Singapore | Star Living

Having wooden designer furniture in Singapore provides your home with several benefits. Plenty of homeowners prefer purchasing furnishings made from this material for their durability, versatility, and style. Adding wood to an ordinary room transforms it into something beautiful.

However, there are things homeowners should know if they want their wooden designer furniture to last. Taking care of wood has its benefits, especially if you plan on selling them in the future. Despite their durability, these furnishings are prone to scratches, stains, and damage if their owners are careless.

In this article, learn about these seven tips on how to properly care for your wooden designer furniture in Singapore.

7 Tips on Maintaining Wooden Designer Furniture in Singapore

Never Place Them Outside

Rain and sunlight have several effects on your designer furniture, such as your wooden dining table. Prolonged exposure to these elements can result in the material softening, rotting, or permanent discolouration. Furthermore, water can lead to mould growing on your furnishing, where repairs can cost you significantly.

Therefore, move your wooden designer furniture indoors to avoid exposure to rain. If you cannot move furnishings near windows, consider putting blinds or curtains. Consider using awnings if your wooden dining chairs must stay outside.

Avoid Exposure to High Humidity

Aside from rain and sunlight, exposing your wooden designer furniture in Singapore to humidity causes it to expand, swell, or creak. Maintaining moisture levels in your home is a necessary step to take if you wish your furnishings to last. Here are some of the things you can do to reduce humidity levels in your home:

  • Use air conditioning units
  • Have ventilation fans
  • Dry your laundry outside
  • Use a dehumidifier
  • Lessen your indoor plants
  • Open windows

On the other hand, ensure that your house isn’t dry as it can cause your designer furniture, such as the wooden frame of your sofa bed in Singapore to crack. Here are some tips on how to increase moisture levels in your home:

  • Use a humidifier
  • Use an essential oil diffuser
  • Leave your bathroom door open while taking a shower
  • Place open water containers near heat sources
  • Air-dry your laundry and dishes
  • Install an indoor fountain

Balancing moisture levels in your home is necessary if you want to maintain the quality of your wooden designer furniture in Singapore. Ideally, keep humidity levels around fifty per cent.

Regularly Clean Them


Dust is a common sight in designer furniture in Singapore. It consists of dead skin cells, insect particles, pollen, soil, and other similar-sized objects. These accumulate on the surface of wooden furnishings over time. Without regular cleaning, they can cause damage to your items by leaving scratches and ruining their appearance.

Generally speaking, using a delicate cloth is an effective way to remove dust on your wooden designer furniture. Ensure that it is moist, but not too wet, to absorb particles instead of throwing them in the air where they eventually land somewhere. Never use rough materials as they can scratch your furnishing. Additionally, check your cleaning products as some contain a liquid stripper, which upon contact with wood, removes its finish. If using a piece of cloth is not working, a vinegar solution is another option to clean your wooden designer furniture.

Pay Attention to Signs of Pests

Termites, ants, and rodents see your wooden designer furniture in Singapore as food and habitat. For insects, these items are possible homes where they can settle a colony. For rodents like rats, chewing on them maintains their teeth and opens new ways to breed or forage. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore one rat or a few ants roaming your furniture. Remember that an infestation begins slowly. Contact a pest control service immediately if you see signs of an infestation.

Stay Away From Sources of Heat

Wooden designer furniture in Singapore expands and contracts according to changes in temperature. While they are unnoticeable at first, frequent changes can cause distortions or cracks in the paint of your furnishing. If your home gets uncomfortably hot during summer, your wooden dining chairs are vulnerable to permanent damage. Here are some tips to keep the indoor temperature of your home cool:

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight
  • Open windows at night to let cool air inside your home
  • Use LED light
  • Turn on your air conditioning unit
  • Adjust your ceiling fan

On the other hand, avoid cold temperatures as they can cause permanent damage to your wooden designer furniture.

Place Sharp Objects Somewhere Else

Household items, such as knives, scissors, and forks, are dangerous objects to you and your wooden designer furniture in Singapore. Their sharp edges can cause scratches or scrape the coating on the surface of your furnishings. Therefore, you should make the necessary adjustments, such as using cutting boards for knives and generally using them in places where it is safe.

Clean Spills Immediately


In households, it is inevitable for children to spill their glasses of juice or water on your wooden dining table. Cleaning them immediately is a must, as letting them dry on the surface of your furnishings can lead to stains which can be tough to remove. Furthermore, excessive moisture damages wood and promotes mould growth. If you have white markings due to water, you can repair them by placing a clean, thick towel over the area. Use an iron and press it over the towel for a few seconds. Ensure that your settings are low or medium. The heat from your appliance causes the finish of your furnishing to release moisture which the towel absorbs. Repeat until stains disappear.


Designer furniture in Singapore is worth investing in due to its durability, versatility, and style. However, several things can damage your furnishings and leave permanent damage. Some of these include exposure to rain, sunlight, humidity, insect infestation, and lack of maintenance. Therefore, owners like you need to learn how to prevent and deal with these issues before they cause significant damage to your wooden designer furniture.

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