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7 Chocolate Gifts To Give Your Partner This Chocolate Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The day of love. When two lovers meet to celebrate their affection for each other. Around the world, Valentine’s Day is the day when people go on dates, wear their best dresses, and do special things for their partners.

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is not just a day but many people in India celebrate valentine’s week? With hugs, chocolates and kisses assigned on each day of the week, and chocolate day falls on February 9th! This is the day when two lovers buy and gift each other chocolate to show their appreciation and love for each other. Many might even confess their love for the first time with chocolate!

Chocolate has been linked with Valentine’s Day for decades. Most advertisements or valentine’s day gifts are incomplete without chocolate. Since chocolate is known to elevate mood and is loved for its sweet and delightful taste, it really is a classic gif option for your partner. Especially if they are a huge chocolate lover.

Looking for the perfect chocolate gift for your partner this valentine’s day but can only find candies online? Try Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates. Fabelle is a luxury chocolate brand that creates extraordinary chocolate experiences. They off a range of handcrafted premium pralines, truffles, and chocolate bars. Each Fabelle creation is a one-of-kind wonder created masterfully by master chocolatiers. 

If you are looking for a chocolate gift, make sure to go premium. Why? Premium chocolate or luxury chocolate offers unique and delectable chocolate creations using luxury ingredients sourced from faraway lands and combinations inspired by international standards. Any chocolate lover would be delighted to be gifted a unique and delectable chocolate offering. Here are 7 Chocolate gifts or products from Fabelle to gift your partner this valentine’s day.

Fabelle Dessert Collection 

Your favourite desserts and chocolate come together to form the extravagant Fabelle Dessert Collection. The handmade chocolate truffles in this collection are each inspired by internationally loved desserts such as Ras Malai, Lamington, Maracuja, Cannoli, and Key Lime Pie. 

Fabelle Elements

Is your partner a science nerd? Gift this Fabelle Elements. This is a handcrafted chocolate truffles collection with 5 unique ruffles, each inspired by an element of nature. Made with a plethora of exotic ingredients, these truffles represent fire, wood, earth etc.

Fabelle Strawberry Cheesecake

Does your partner relish a good strawberry cheesecake? This Fabelle chocolate bar is a premium handcrafted bar that embodies all the flavours of a strawberry cheesecake. Made with crispy crumbs, cream cheese mousse and strawberry filling, this bar of chocolate is a divine experience.

Fabelle Loaded Secret – Dark Chocolate

A rich dark chocolate bar that screams indulgence, Fabelle Loaded Secret contains 33% whole almonds giving a crunchy and decadent feel.

Fabelle Ganache

Handcrafted rich chocolate cubes made with creamy butter, and rich dark chocolate and dusted with fine cocoa powder. A classic chocolate box that works for a partner who loves chocolate in its pure form.

Fabelle Gianduja – Dark Milk

An Italian dessert reimagined in a modern world, Fabelle Gianduja is a delicate blend of rich dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate and roasted Turkish hazelnuts for a gratifying and nutty chocolate experience.

Fabelle Gianduja – Ruby Chocolate

Gift your partner the rarest chocolate of them all, the Ruby chocolate with Fabelle Gianduja – Ruby Chocolate. This naturally pink chocolate with its complex fruity, nutty and sweet flavours will enchant whoever takes a bite!

These are our top 7 picks for an unforgettable chocolate gift for Valentine’s Day. To explore more such remarkable chocolate gift options from Fabelle, visit the ITC Store online.