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7 Benefits of Getting a Low Interest Gold Loan

Are you in faced with an emergency and have been looking around for a personal loan? If this is the case, then our lowest interest rate pawn shop will offer you money against your gold jewellery. We are the best gold dealer in Melbourne; Brisbane Australia with the intention of meeting your expenses. You no longer need to let your gold jewellery lie at the back of your drawer and collect dust, it can be used to take care of your education or medical emergency.

In comparison to a traditional pawn shop or pawnbroker who may charge higher interest rates for your precious metal, we offer affordable ways of getting instant funding against your gold jewellery. Here are 7 benefits of getting the lowest interest rate gold loan:

  • Quick processing

Gold loans are often disbursed instantly. You do not have to wait for long processing hours to receive the amount of money that you desire. Provided you have enough weight with the gold jewellery items you will not have to go through a lengthy borrowing process as you would in the bank.

  • Interest-only payment

Apart from the low interest that you will enjoy when borrowing our gold loans, you can also be able to pay the interest while the principal or amount that was lent could be paid when closing the loan.

  • Only basic ID proof is required

All we need is drivers licence and your gold jewellery, you are well on your way to receiving the lowest interest rate gold loan.

  • No-income proof required

You do not have to worry about providing a copy of your pay slip or general proof of income before receiving a gold loan from our low interest rate pawn shop. The gold jewellery acts as security for the loan. Even if you are unemployed or do not receive a salary, our gold loans are still available for you.

  • Your credit history does not matter

While other loans are dependent on your credit history and repayment capability, it is much different for a gold loan. This is because the jewellery acts as collateral. Therefore, there is no need of checking your credit history. Just remember your gold jewellery will be forfeited if you are unable to pay back the loan but it will not affect your credit rating.

  • Total convenience

Gold loans are the most convenient of all loans. All you have to do is pledge your gold jewellery for collateral for the amount of money that you require and the job is done. You can equally get 80% or more of its market value immediately.

  • Safety of the gold

Even with lowest interest gold loans, the safety of gold is the responsibility of the lender. You can be certain that your precious metal will always be safe in our vault. Once the loan is repaid, you will be able to get your jewellery back.

If you are in a dire situation and are in urgent need of cash, it is always wise to utilize your gold jewellery to fund your emergency cash requirement.