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5 Secret Ways to Safely Store Frozen Carrots at Restaurant

When it comes to storing any food item, using a freezer is the best option. It can keep your food fresh for a long time as compared to the refrigerator. But blindly putting the food in any chest freezer UK is not enough. You also need to take care of a lot of other factors. Know that you can face many challenges like freezer burn and electricity absence etc. Even if you run a restaurant or it is for a domestic kitchen, the freezer storage rules are the same. Just like any other food item, carrots also require taking crucial measures when you store them. If you bought too many carrots, then preserving is the right option. You can store carrots easily if you know the tricks. But at the same time, minor negligence can result in destruction. That is why we have mentioned five methods to store carrots.

  1. Freeze them as a whole

The easiest way to freeze the carrot is just how they are. But one thing you need to ensure is that the carrots are of good quality. Your carrots will not remain the same if they are of cheap quality. That is why you should always go for the best ones. Some people think that cheap carrots are not different from expensive ones. But it is wrong. If you want to freeze them for a long time, you should buy the best ones that are available. First of all, take out the carrots from the bag. Now, wash them under cool tap water. Make sure you take off all the mud and dirt from the carrots. Now let the carrots dry. You can also use a kitchen towel to pat dry them. Now put them in your desired container. Make sure you use an airtight container. Now put the freezer in the box. Your carrots will stay fresh for up to 2 to 3 months.

  1. Chop them

Another way to freeze the carrots is by chopping them. This method is beneficial if you don’t have enough space. Storing carrots as a whole requires more vertical space. But when you chop them, you can preserve double the amount of carrots in the same place. Wash all carrots and dry them. Now, take a sharp knife and then chop the carrots into small pieces. Then place them in an airtight container and then freeze them.

  1. Grate the Carrots

The upcoming method we have on the list is by grating the carrots. It is one of the most efficient ways because it uses just a tiny amount of space. Wash the carrots and dry them. Now take a grater. Make sure that the grater has sharp edges and it can grate all carrots. Then, grate the carrots and put them in an airtight container to freeze them.

  1. Use Different Container

You can store your carrots in a variety of containers. But make sure that the container is airtight and there is no possibility of entrance of air or moisture. You can use any plastic container, sealed Ziploc bag, or reusable bag. You can also cover the plastic bags in aluminum foil for extra safety.

  1. Blanch them

Sometimes frozen carrots lose their flavor if you don’t cook them. Therefore, it is advisable to boil the carrots and then put them in ice water. Now dry them and freeze them in any container.