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5 Plants to Add Freshness to your Home

Well, some of you won’t believe it but it is true that plants actually add freshness to your house. Indoor plants are known for various magical properties like boating your mood, increase your productivity, and fill the room with positive vibes. There are certain other medicinal and healing properties of different plants as well which makes these plants a perfect addition to living rooms, kitchens, halls, office spaces, and bathrooms. But what are the indoor plants that you can get for your home? Well, we are here with the top 5 indoor plants that will surely add freshness to your home.

Areca Palm

The perfect plant to add charm to your home decor and to bring in freshness. The leaves are beautiful in shape of butterflies & plant is therefore called Butterfly palm as well. The Areca plant is a humidifier kept indoors for maintaining optimal humidity levels in house. The plant prefers low light. Refrain from overwatering as well.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are low-maintenance and to top everything, have unrivaled air purifying qualities. It expels almost all the poisons in the air, especially carbon dioxide at night. It will keep the air in your home clean, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, the magic plant or miracle plant and there are a lot of facts and reasons attributed for the same. The plant is known worldwide for its exceptional healing and medicinal properties beneficial for the human body. The extract of amazing plant is used in medicines, drugs, powders, creams, etc. to heal people internally and externally. Because it is a succulent plant, it requires a moderate level of care. Place the Aloe Vera near windows and water when the soil is dry.

Money Plant

A plant with heart-shaped leaves that bless you with good luck and prosperity. Yes, the plant is a harbinger of good luck, positive energies, and much more to your house. Additionally, the plant has air-purifying properties and is a NASA recommended plant for removing toxic substances in the air. So, it’s time to bring home a money plant.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

The name says it all, the plant brings luck to the owner. Just like the money plant, Lucky Bamboo also attracts good luck, fortune, positivity. Locate the plant at the right spot in your house to embrace its Feng Shui benefits. Keep the plant in water all the time to keep it flourishing.

So, these were the different plants that you can easily purchase from your local nursery or an online nursery. Share these plants with your friends as well so that they can also beautify their home with the freshness and positivity of awesome plants. Happy planting! Have a good day!