Wednesday - September 27,2023
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5 Incredible Tourist Attractions in Wakatobi Island to See

Wakatobi Island is one of the districts in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is part of the National Park and famous for its panoramic view. The clear blue water, sandy beaches, and numerous kinds of marine life are the image of this small island, making it a diving paradise. It has some incredible tourist destinations. If you plan to have a holiday here, this is the list of the places you must visit. Let’s check it out!

  1. Roma’s Reef

It has been known that beautiful marine life is the main charm of this island. Its marine ecosystem is extremely varied. The island overlooks its location as a house for the best variety of reef fish and fish species recorded. It is even crowned as the second greatest barrier reef in the world.

Whether diving or snorkeling is the thing, you’re one of the blessed divers and snorkelers that come to see the most magnificent marine life of Wakatobi. But, of course, the most famous spot is Roma’s reef in Tomia with its crystal-clear water, unique sea creatures, and colorful coral reefs.

This place is very safe if you only learn how to dive. However, for people who can not dive, you may still swim or socialize with the gorgeous dolphins that occasionally appear at the very surface. Among the beautiful websites to spot these will be in Mola Raya harbor. To get there, rent a ship from Wanci town in Wangi-Wangi that takes approximately 20 minutes.

  1. Hoga Island

Want an isolated location for a bit of escape? Hoga Island provides you the serene calmness to unwind. Blessed with pristine white sand and crystal clear water, Hoga introduces the first image of the character that causes you to fall in love after you view it.

The place is secluded from different islands and divided by a bit of bay. It’s pollution-free and limited for tech as it does not have any online access and restricted phone reception. So make sure your telephone or other gadgets are fully billed as the power is restricted for 6 hours only.

Reserve a lodging, and wake up after 00.00 to respect the fabulous rows of stars and galaxies that seem elegant since there’s no light pollution. Then, lay back on its smooth sandy shore and be amazed by the magnificent artwork of the character.

Additionally, receive a personal diving tour by divemasters readily. Hiking throughout its flourishing woods or just diving into its crystal-clear water are additional refreshing choices you may research.

  1. The Sea Gypsies, Bajo Tribe in Wakatobi Island

Another ethnic treasure of Wakatobi could be discovered in its own sailors, the Bajo tribe. Historically, the tribe would be the earliest sea traveller in Wakatobi. The Bajo tribe think they are a direct descendant of this sea. They are nomadic, and have been taught to search, and conserve the sea since youth.

They are also amazing divers with incredible skills like walking around the seafloor and stirring at depths of 25 to 50 meters without scuba equipment. And they reside in the traditional floating stilt homes.

Simply take a guided-tour trip to see the village and understand the unique method of life of this tribe. Then, challenge yourself by asking for a path on the way to dive with no scuba equipment out of Bajo people. It’ll be a wonderful experience and a memorable vacation in Wakatobi, to be informed.

  1. Kahyangan Summit

Public transportation is readily available to accomplish this site. Trekking to the peak of the mountain will burn off some calories. Along with your fatigue will be rewarded with all the magical landscape of grassland and the amazement of surrounding islands.

Photographers love this location since it offers a vantage point to catch the gorgeous look of sunset. You might even build a camp on this hill to stay the evening. The starry sky in the mountain looked so wonderful that you’ll be able to enjoy it with a glass of warm chocolate or wine in the nighttime.

When you wake up at sunrise, breathe in the morning air, and grab the magnificent sunrise coming from the clear blue skies, a view that you can get from Kahyangan mountain biking.

  1. Local Handicrafts

A trip to nearby handicrafts is just another action to carry on while you are in Wakatobi. The villagers are incredibly creative. They produce and layout the delicate handicrafts. Then, they change and possess a well-crafted design that’s iconic to the area.

It is possible to buy these handmade crafts as a present to remind one of Wakatobi’s creative artwork. These are some handicrafts you can buy as souvenirs:

  • The Homoru Sarong

It’s a hand-made sarong that takes around three weeks to complete. The cloth is closely stitched with a classic wooden weaving instrument. It has vibrant color and is simple in layout. The natives usually wear it on special occasions.

  • Coconut Ornaments

Wait villagers from Tomia Island turn coconut cubes into ornaments. They create the home decoration, kitchen utensils to serve dishes from those cubes. This house business is a popular attraction for tourists, and eventually become among those villagers’ income resources.

  • Jewelry

Another innovative handicrafts comes from Sampela villagers. The natives produce the skin of turtles into jewelry by peeling off their outer skins. The natives think that there’s a mysterious power in the skin, and it may protect you from a lousy fortune.

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