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4 Aircon Chemical Wash and Other Services in Singapore Your Aircon Needs

Singapore is a hot country found in the tropic region of the world. Even when we’re not at the height of summer, your home may still feel warm in the afternoon. At times of the year when Singapore is cool and dry, temperatures in the afternoon can still be sore and be unbearable to many people. Because of the heat, it is prudent to look for more tools to help us cool down. More than electronic or paper fans, air conditioners are the number one choice that any homeowner should make to keep their home cooled. Air conditioners can not only be a huge convenience but also add to our safety. We have to avoid dangers like heat stroke in the country. That is why we get people to perform Mitsubishi aircon installation in Singapore.

How often do most people in Singapore use their air conditioners? The answer is often, maybe even once or twice a day for a few hours. Because there are very few days in which air conditioners are not needed, homeowners such as yourself may ignore the blatant warnings that tell them their air conditioner needs repairs or servicing. Air conditioners can endure much abuse, but a machine with moving parts like the air conditioner can rust or break down throughout their lives. They need regular maintenance and repairs every period or so. They are a piece of equipment that you need to tune up regularly.

Homeowners may be wondering why they need to look for a company when instead, they can do the repair work by themselves to save up on money and resources. Unfortunately, if your air conditioner suffers breakage, you’re going to need the repairs and maintenance experience of a professional. Only professionals who are adept at aircon repair will be able to help you succeed in your endeavours. Even the seemingly straightforward task of aircon installation in Singapore should not be attempted without a professional’s help. Those who have experience with tools and equipment, or are well-versed in other types of maintenance, should not attempt air conditioning maintenance. One requires a licence to fix air conditioners. Most of the time, you need to reach out to a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technician to help you fix air conditioning mishaps.

With an HVAC technician, you can perform maintenance procedures such as the aircon chemical wash or overhaul. Call a technician when you suspect that your air conditioning system might be broken. They may be able to help you if you have any air conditioner concerns.

4 Important Air Conditioning Services Your Aircon Might Need


When you get a glimpse of your air conditioning unit, you don’t see what’s happening on the inside. At first glance, it may be challenging to know if something is going on with your air conditioning unit. A good air conditioner works silently to cool rooms. And in some cases, you might not see much wrong with your air conditioner until it breaks down, stops cooling your rooms, or does a myriad of other things that are unusual. If you ignore what is going on with your air conditioning, you could go months or even years until your aircon gives up on you. By that time, it may be too late for your technician to repair your air conditioner.

You mustn’t turn an ignorant eye to services such as an air conditioner chemical wash in Singapore. The state of your aircon requires that you pay attention to it in case it breaks down. Your air conditioner will require services like repairs, overhauls, gas top-ups, and more for it to last longer. The last thing you want is an expensive repair service because it broke down when you least expected it.

What services do your air conditioner need for homeowners to enjoy its long lifespan?

1)    Installation

How does one install an air conditioner? The answer is that a nonprofessional should not attempt this dangerous task. An installation requires a licensed professional, especially if the air conditioner is central type. Air conditioning professionals should work on standalone air conditioners. Find many companies willing to lend their services for aircon installation in Singapore.

2)    Chemical wash

A chemical wash is an important service wherein an air conditioner is cleaned using a chemical solution and soaked for some time for the dirt and grime to disintegrate. Dirt buildup in your air conditioner can lead to rusting and breakage. It is important to clean your air conditioner once every few months.

3)    Chemical overhaul

Chemical overhauls are different from chemical washes. Chemical washes are less complete services than chemical overhauls, which involve taking apart the air conditioner parts and inspecting the air con for parts that need maintenance and repairs. They will also perform other cleaning duties related to chemical washes. It is considered a two-for-one service, and you should perform a chemical overhaul at least once or twice a year. It is a more extensive service than chemical cleaning or washes.

4)    Gas top-up

Your air conditioner needs a freon to work properly. This gas is a vital component in the cooling abilities of your air conditioner. Without the gases, it would be impossible for your air conditioner to function well. Your task is to top up or fill the air conditioner with this gas so it can continue to cool your rooms. Due to the nature of this gas, it is not easy for any person to obtain the chemicals, and it is also not easy for the average homeowner to approach this delicate task. They will need to talk to a professional for aircon gas top up in Singapore.

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