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Why Would Your Organization Need eLearning Software Post Lockdown

As we adjust to the new normal, companies are also adjusting by adopting the use of eLearning solutions. For instance, with microlearning, employees have access to information from anywhere. Also, the modules are available in small bits. An organization that takes up compliance training should have a goal and objectives to meet. The eLearning process helps companies drive better results by making use of valuable data and measuring their return on investment.

Microlearning offered through True Office Learning blends well with how individuals today consume education. As a safety measure during the lockdown, eLearning has helped bridge the gap between online and physical sessions. As an organization, would you consider using eLearning software post lockdown? Here are some reasons why you might need it:

Centralized access to information

Elearning has grown in popularity during the lockdown. As organizations are resuming back to the office, they will still need eLearning software for their training. The reason being, software centralizes the access of information which makes it easy for everyone to get it from anywhere.

Easy updates

An organization’s content is bound to change. When you have to update your course content, use of eLearning software helps simplify the entire process. The eLearning software has tools that allow you to upload new content and notify individuals of the changes. Post lockdown, these tools will help you save time.


If you’re thinking of neglecting eLearning software post lockdown, you may want to reconsider your decision. The software comes with unmatched convenience plus company information is available on demand. Your employees don’t have to travel or even waste time looking for content. For instance, if your employee wants to refer to previous training, they can quickly log in to the company training platform and access the resources.

Fast and saves time

The fastest method of passing information, updates, training, or instructions is by having eLearning software. The same way it worked pre-lockdown, be sure to use it even in post lockdown. Here’s the thing, traditional methods of training take longer to deliver, and with social distancing, this might not be viable. However, with eLearning software, the learning is self-paced and is available to individuals working from different locations. Also, learners can quickly reference and apply the knowledge at any time.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

With eLearning software, you either make an initial purchase or renew the payment plan monthly. Your employees have access to information whenever they need it. They can then apply the skills learned in your organization. With effective eLearning software, you can measure your ROI and create training modules that have better analytics.

There is no limitation to the use of multimedia

eLearning software does not limit the use of multimedia. Instead of hiring a trainer, you can record videos, images, and infographics to upload as learning materials. Also, you can integrate microlearning with eLearning. For instance, infographics are much better to explain complex information. Videos are much better to explain ‘how-to’ concepts. Instead of having a trainer, eLearning software will split up the data and allow you to use different tools to pass information.

All in all, even as companies slowly start to resume their daily routine, you can ensure that your employees stay up-to-date with the changes affecting the industry through the use of eLearning software.