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Why Shop from Woman Owned CBD Companies?

Date Night Kit from Pure and Planted

6 Reasons To Shop from Women-Owned CBD Companies

Given a choice to shop at any CBD provider, you can make a case for preferring to patronize businesses owned by females. Read on for reasons why you should shop from women-owned businesses, going forward.

  1. Support the Creation of New Jobs

Women-owned businesses tend to provide new job possibilities in the community, according to Women and Minority Business, which notes that small business owners and entrepreneurs produce the majority of new jobs in the United States. Shopping at women-owned businesses helps employment rates, particularly among the underserved (women and minorities).

  1. Help Bridge the Gap From Institutional Sexism

While the women’s rights movement is strong, there is still a lot of inequality in the business world. By making an effort to support a woman-owned CBD company, you are helping to combat discrimination. Demonstrating that female-led enterprises are a powerful force in the CBD space can help the advancement of women in all types of businesses. After decades of male dominance in business, shopping from a woman-owned business just feels like the right thing to do.

  1. Unique CBD-Infused Products from a Female Perspective

You can expect to see unique, curated selections of CBD products that take the form of other commonly used feminine products in a boutique-like environment of women-owned CBD brands. As exemplified by Pure and Planted with their collection of bath bombs & CBD salt soaks. Woman-led CBD businesses offer one-of-a-kind products created by real people and in small batches.

  1. Stand in Solidarity With Women Entrepreneurs

With economic uncertainty still present as a result of business closures caused by the COVID, it is more important than ever to stand up and express your support for women-owned businesses. With the goal of empowering all women to start their own businesses, every purchase from a woman-led business is a step toward equality.

  1. Customer Service Is Top Priority

Smaller minority and female-owned businesses care deeply about their customers. This makes for a better experience for you, the buyer. Whether you purchase CBD products, go shopping for clothes, or order a cup of coffee, women-led businesses tend to have amazing customer service.

  1. Woman Owned Businesses Are Typically Locally Owned

When you prioritize shopping at women-owned businesses, you are helping to keep money in your community. Local businesses started and nurtured by women in the community help to keep the community thriving. As a result, more women will be able to justify starting their own businesses.