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Why People are choosing to Purchase 2021 Honda HRV?

Are you interested in buying a crossover SUV but not sure which one to get?

When picking a crossover SUV model, an individual should check out a few things such as fuel economy, powertrain, space for hauling cargo, and more. People are choosing the Honda HRV 2021 as these features are available in it as well as more than other models of this segment provide. Before getting one by visiting Walnut Creek Honda dealership, you should check out what you will get exactly by purchasing this vehicle.

Let’s start with engine specs!

Powertrain of 2021 HRV

Four-cylinder engine of this vehicle is paired with CVT for the FWD drivetrain, which is standard. It takes a maximum of 86 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. However, people looking for AWD option should know that it takes about 9.5 seconds to reach the same 0-60 mph. This is why most people opt for the FWD option rather than AWD.

Also, it has eager and spry handling that makes driving this vehicle quite fun. Suspension is adequate enough to provide a swift ride always making it quite the vehicle to buy. One can enjoy more driving this vehicle when on a highway.

According to EPA, HRV 2021 will provide people with 28 mpg when driven in a city and 34 mpg when on highway. It is slightly better when compared with most of the competitors on this segment. If you want to know more about these or simply looking to get a details of all the changes made for the 2021 model, then visit a Honda dealer serving Walnut Creek.

Interior and infotainment available

Classy is how people define the interior of this car. Also, it offers excellent outward visibility. If one is looking for certain luxurious features then he/she will have to opt for higher-end trims of this vehicle. Spacious front and rear seats make every ride long or short comfortable in this vehicle.

Rear seats can be folded so that people can store ample cargo without any issue. Also, it offers sufficient space even if one doesn’t fold back seats. However, if seats are folded, people can fit in 22 suitcases easily, which most of its competitors can’t.

In addition, the 7-inch display allows people to access infotainment of this vehicle. In addition, other features include smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), radio, USB ports, etc.

HRV 2021 models

The variants available under the 2021 category includes LX $22,395, Sport $24,345, EX $25,595, EX-L $27,195, and Touring $30,515. If you are looking to enjoy every luxury amenity and features of this vehicle then you should always opt for Touring or EX-L model. However, if you are looking to not go higher in pricing, then at least get yourself the EX version.

So, all you need now is to determine what you require and which trim can fulfill those requirements. After deciding, visit a Honda dealer and book one today for quickest possible delivery. It is one of the best crossover SUVs in the market and thus, you shouldn’t delay getting one.