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Where to invest money in 2022 – simple guide

In fact, the funds allow you to choose between packages that are also very different from each other, to have a share of a differentiated investment package, which operates following the rules that the fund itself has imposed as a rule in the statute.

There are many types of funds – here is the updated list with the best – and some of them are also intended for investors with a particularly low risk profile. Among the most popular are:

  • Bond funds: these are funds that base their investments mainly on government and corporate bonds; they are among the safest, even if it is still necessary to check the type of bonds they can buy; some funds, in fact, to improve performance, invest in bonds of not very solid states;
  • Equity funds: here the risk appetite must be higher, because in their belly they will mostly have shares raised on the stock markets; when they perform, they perform well, when instead they do not do well, they generally have more important repercussions than with bond funds;
  • Mixed and balanced funds: these are funds that in different percentages contain equity investments, liquid investments in currencies, investments on the bond market; depending on what the compositions are, there can be different risk and return profiles;
  • Real estate funds : these are funds that invest exclusively in real estate assets, as well as in shares and units of other real estate funds or real estate companies. They were very popular, until the European and American real estate market lost a great deal; they are making a comeback and are especially interesting for those who would like to invest in brick without having adequate capital to buy an entire portfolio of investments.
  • Funds theoretically can be an excellent solution for those looking for differentiated and managed investments. However, in this case it is necessary to take into account the very high management costs, costs that can often make the achieved gains null and void.

To summarize, there are several critical issues when we talk about managed savings: banks and insurance companies, in most cases, directly and indirectly  charge  the financial products with crazy costs , canceling the efficiency of even the best ones. If you decide to invest not only in funds, then we have another option for you. The CBD industry is growing like never before. It’s definitely the hot cake of 2022. If you want to get a big ROI, then you should invest in the CBD industry in Canada and the USA. Online dispensary Canada services are allowed and you can sell it digitally. So, investing the money in this industry is a good choice.

If you decide to invest in mutual funds or, even worse, to make insurance investments, you are literally giving away a portion of your savings to companies that try to sell you their services.

The convenience pays off: when you rely on a manager, you are not the one who takes care of the money management and obviously it does not do it for free. All this inevitably reflects on the costs which are very high and affect up to 4% per year. To understand, if you invest 100 euros, then, you pay 4 euros just to start your investment: an  investment in ETF, on the other hand, costs a maximum of 0.5% per year;