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Where affiliate partners are hiding: Your Best Option

Affiliate advertising is hidden in various places. Mostly, however, it is relevant and meaningful advertising that benefits the customer. It’s not about annoying billboards, it’s about useful articles and customer help.

The affiliate program includes cashback portals (returning customers money from purchases), product catalogs (helping to choose a suitable product), blogs, magazines, youtube channels (entertaining and advising) and other sites. How should an affiliate partner work properly? Take a look at our infographics.

Technical side of things

When an e-shop wants to start with affiliate marketing, it places a script on its website (similar to google analytics, for example). Each of the affiliate partners will receive a unique code through which they link to the e-shop. Once the customer clicks on the link, their input is recorded via the affiliate measurement platform and the customer is assigned to the partner.

The customer’s cookie settings play an important role. Cookies are needed to identify the customer and assign him to a partner. If the customer deletes or expires them (usually set to 30 days), the commission cannot be evaluated. In general, however, 85% of sales are made within 3 days of the first click.

Using more media is still a problem. If the customer reads the partner’s article on his mobile phone and discovers the e-shop, but makes the purchase later on the computer directly via the seller’s website, it is not possible to identify the partner. Also, some programs to make it impossible to assign the order correctly.

How to start your own affiliate program?

There are two options. You will be your own affiliate manager. You will spend hours on self-study, initial setup and commissioning. Finding capable partners will be the hardest part. Also count on the investment in the platform and the mentioned 10-15 hours per week, which you will have to devote to the administration of the affiliate program. It won’t work without it. In this form, affiliate marketing is no longer attractive enough for many e-shops. Therefore, there is a second option. You can visit for the best understanding.

Professional affiliate manager

He already knows everything, he knows powerful partners directly from your segment. At the beginning, it will carry out analyzes and, based on its experience, propose best practice. It will explain everything to you, the system will take care of you instead and you will only receive regular reports and profits. It will also protect you from the fraudulent practices he has seen before, and will control the level of advertising. We are also always happy to welcome new, skilled partners.

How to become an affiliate partner?

You don’t have to be a famous youtube star or own a successful blog. Building a stable income is not a matter of a week and you will have to do something about it, but everything can be learned and you can start from scratch.