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  When Should You See A Foot And Ankle Specialist In Singapore?

From the moment you wake up to the time you return to bed at night and all the hours you spend in between, you use your lower limbs to move and support your body. You use your legs to get out of your bedroom to prepare for work or complete chores and errands. You also utilise their capabilities to perform various activities that require you to walk from one place to another. Moreover, your lower body appendages help you get into comfortable positions before and when sleeping to get a good night’s rest. But despite their impressive structure and functionality, your legs can encounter various conditions that only a reliable foot and ankle specialist in Singapore can treat.

According to the Arthritis Foundation of the US, each foot has 26 bones, 30 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons that allow the appendage to have its one-of-a-kind functions. They work side-by-side to support your body, help you become mobile, and let you have balance. But like all body parts, your legs and feet are prone to facing various injuries and illnesses. They could experience trauma that needs home care or face severe cases of fractures, diseases, or deformities, like ankle arthritis, hammer toes, or bunion bumps, requiring surgery in Singapore.

Fortunately, residents like you have various treatment options to address different foot concerns. Modern medical innovations led to the development of safer, more effective, and less invasive remedies to cure or manage the symptoms of various conditions. But how can you tell if you need to see an ankle specialist ASAP or if getting enough rest at home is sufficient to treat your medical issue? Read on to find out.


   I.        Signs You Should See A Foot And Ankle Specialist

Many residents only book consultations with a foot and ankle specialist in Singapore when they notice severe symptoms. While it is true that some conditions can resolve with correct home care procedures, you should always consider seeing a doctor whenever you see or feel something unusual with your lower limbs—especially if you notice any of the following signs:

A.  Injury Occurrence

If you recently experienced a fall, trip, or other instances that led to a foot injury, do not think twice about going to an ankle specialist in Singapore. Even if your toes, heel, or sole look okay, an internal issue may cause discomfort and progress to severe complications.

B.  Constant Pain Or Discomfort

Pain is one of the many telltale signs of a disease or injury. It signifies tissue damage that requires attention from a foot and ankle specialist who will help you learn about your condition and understand why it occurred. They can also administer correct medical procedures to minimise pain and treat your ailment.

C. Numb Or Tingling Feet

Feet numbness or experiencing a tingling sensation on your lower appendages indicate various health issues. It may be a sign of multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, peripheral artery disease, or even diabetes. If you want to know the reason behind your tingly feet, book a consultation with an ankle specialist in Singapore since only they can diagnose and treat such conditions.

D. Unusual Bump Growth

Your feet naturally have knobs that allow your toes and ankles to stretch and flex. But if you suddenly notice a swelling bump causing discomfort when walking, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. You may have a bunion case that requires surgery in Singapore or other conditions that need immediate attention.

E.  Persistent Infections

Various conditions cause foot infections. Your toes may be troubled with a stubborn fungus or ingrown nails that result in this condition. You may attempt to administer treatment at home to manage pain and itchiness—but only a foot and ankle specialist can determine the root of the health issue and recommend remedies to resolve and prevent it from recurring.

F.  Ineffective Home Remedies

You may think that you do not need attention from an ankle specialist in Singapore if you have been experiencing other symptoms and have been trying various home remedies to address your condition. While it is true that your ailment may resolve through your efforts, you should consider booking a consultation with a foot doctor if you never see improvements days after trying to cure your illness at home. Health professionals have various resources that help them understand your condition and administer appropriate remedies to treat you.


 II.        What To Expect When Seeing A Foot And Ankle Specialist

If you finally decide to see a foot and ankle specialist in Singapore, you may book a consultation at their facility ASAP to get your condition checked and treated. But what can you expect from your screening with a physician focusing on foot-related injuries and illnesses? Read on to find out.

A.  Your Doctor Will Ask About Your Symptoms And History

During your initial consultation with your ankle specialist, they will want to know about the symptoms you have been experiencing. If you got injured from an activity, they could ask you to narrate the accident that caused your foot trauma. They will also inquire about your medical history to see if your ailment stems from other conditions or medications.

B.  Your Doctor Will Recommend Treatments

After your assessment and physical examination, your foot and ankle specialist will recommend a treatment plan to resolve your condition or manage its symptoms. They may also inform you about alternative remedies if you are not comfortable with specific procedures.

C. Your Doctor Will Schedule Follow-Up Checkups

Your treatment does not end after a single consultation with an ankle specialist in Singapore. They will ask you to return to their facility a few days or weeks after your initial visit to see how well you respond to their recommended remedies.

III.        Book A Consultation With A Foot And Ankle Specialist Today!

Despite having a robust network of muscles, bones, tendons, and joints, the feet are still prone to various health conditions. They can get injured after experiencing trauma or catch an ailment due to overuse, exposure to germs, or lack of different substances. Fortunately, visiting a foot and ankle specialist like Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal can help you understand your condition, receive appropriate treatment, and keep your lower limbs from experiencing other medical issues.

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