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What You Should Know About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy, also referred to as physical therapy, is a healthcare service that focuses on improving health, preventing and rehabilitating injuries and preventing and improving disease. These hands-on medical professionals diagnose and address their patients’ disabilities, injuries and ailments. Before you search for local medical help for your ailments, e.g., physiotherapy Burlington ON, you need to know a few things.

Available Treatments

Physical therapy seeks to strengthen your muscles, improve your body’s functioning capabilities and increase your range of movement. Therefore, physiotherapy involves more than exercises. Your therapist may also massage your injury and manipulate your joints to address any stiffness. In addition, you may experience hot and cold therapies to address pain and swelling. If you have wounds on the skin, these medical professionals will also evaluate and dress your wounds.

Physiotherapy may also include occupational therapy, retraining and planning. You may be given and taught how to use devices and equipment to help you move and adapt to your new circumstances. In addition, they address any environmental changes you need to implement to make your life easier while you are healing.

Your Initial Appointment Expectations

During your first appointment, your physical therapist will review your medical history, learn about the reason you are there and create a treatment plan. The therapist may also do further tests to get a true assessment of your condition, which will give you both an accurate starting point. Together, you will set physical goals and discuss any lifestyle changes you should implement.

Your Role

You play a role in the success of your physical therapy. For example, you need to maintain open communication with your therapists and provide detailed descriptions of pain or difficulty that results from your injury or therapy. In addition, you need to be prepared for each session and stay dedicated to completing the at-home exercises these medical professionals give you. You should also set goals and track your progress to maintain your motivation, but understand that notable progress may take a while.

If you have been injured, have a disability, are experiencing pain or have noticed a loss of mobility or strength, consider working with a reputable physical therapist.