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What are marked playing cards, and what are the different types?

The marked card market has flourished over a certain time period of months, and it has reached the peak level as many people, and also businesses are opting to buy these cards as they are comparatively cheaper than the original deck of branded cards.

Marked playing cards have many uses for almost everyone as it can be used by magicians in their act and can also be used by the normal casinos as a cheaper way to buy cards and reduce their daily costing system.

Which are the best-marked card maker

There are many companies out there that will make and sell these marked cards for a lesser price than that of the original deck of cards that are made by legitimate companies that provide poker equipment’s to all around the world.

You can buy these marked cards from the cards lenses online store, which will give you these cards for a reasonable price, and also they will have a guarantee and also a warranty given to you by their product that is manufactured and sold.


According to the research done by the analysts, it has been concluded that there are mainly three companies which are a major provider of these marked cards, which are namely 1. Copag marked poker cards, 2. Bicycle playing cards marked deck, 3. Marked royal playing cards Taiwan.

  • Copag marked poker cards:-

Copag is a big company that has been in the market of marked poker playing cards for a long time and are also the biggest provider of these types of cards since the past.

If you want quality assurance, then you can order a Copag Texas Holdem, which is 100% made from plastic and is very durable and made by a high-quality plastic material that pleases all its customers.

  • Bicycle card marked deck:-

A bicycle playing card is a French company that is mainly concerned with the making of playing cards of 52 cards per deck and are of very premium quality and can be used for a long period of time also.

Later on, this company has shifted all of its operation, manufacturing, and distribution centers to the United States.

This company also makes a marked playing poker card deck, which is also painted with luminous ink and can be seen with a special IR contact lens or a UV lens, and they also make and produce these products as well.

  • Marked royal playing card:-

This company makes its marked cards from 100% premium plastic, and these cards are used for a long period due to its property of the plastic.

You can also use these cards again and again after washing, and no damage will be done as it is 100% waterproof and also laminated to prevent water from ruining these cards.

They make markings on the corner of their card and can be seen by using a contact lens or can also be seen by using sunglasses.

I hope you get the information you were looking for in this article.