Vegetarian Grocery In Singapore: 5 Tips For Storing Fresh Vegetables

The freshness of the ingredients is crucial when cooking food. The meal tastes different and better when the meat and vegetables are fresh. However, there are situations where people buy vegetables from a vegetarian grocery in Singapore in bulk that would last them a week. People indeed reduce time spent on shopping, but the freshness of their veggies is compromised.

Here are some hacks on how to keep your vegetables fresh:

  1. Store your vegetables dry

Moisture speeds up the wilting of leafy green vegetables. After rinsing your vegetables, dry and cover them with tissue, paper, or a clean cloth. You can store them in a container or ziplock bag. Wrapping them in the paper helps absorb moisture. This way, your vegetarian frozen food in Singapore will last longer.

  1. Store root crops outside the fridge

Squash and root crops, including sweet potatoes, potatoes, beets, and garlic, should be stored in a dark place at room temperature. You don’t need to refrigerate them.

  1. Opt for unripe fruit

If you are not consuming the fruit immediately, you can buy those that are unripe yet. The fruits will be ripe in your storage and be ready to eat in a few days. You can apply this tip with vegetables, too! You can ask your vegetarian food supplier in Singapore about the ripening period of the particular fruit or vegetables.

  1. Use paper or containers instead of plastic bags

It is advisable to wrap your vegetables with paper or place them in a container. Plastic ziplock bags collect moisture, which rots the veggies fast. You can extend the life and freshness of the vegetarian wholesale vegetables you bought in Singapore.

  1. Sort your produce

There are fruits that emit gases that speed up the ripening process of other vegetables and fruits. These fruits are pineapple, banana, and apples. Make sure to keep these fruits away from other fruits and vegetables.

If you don’t like storing veggies in your fridge, you can always order vegetarian food online made from fresh ingredients.

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