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Various Situations When You Need to File For PPO

Anyone of legal age can apply for a Personal Protection Order (PPO). A PPO is a civil court order that will stop any violence and harassing behavior to protect the individual and their families from the abuser. Suppose the person committing the abuse against the victim is a current or former member of the family or intimate partner. In that case, they can file for a protective order in Singapore for the following grounds.

Personal Protection Order

A Personal Protection Order or PPO is an order that restrains an individual from doing acts of violence against a person or a group of people. In Singapore, PPOs can be made if the Court believes that this is necessary to ensure an individual’s safety and protection from someone they know outside of family or against a family member.

When Can You File For PPO?

Some people are letting themselves become victims of abuse simply because they are not sure what to do. That is why you must know the applicable grounds when applying for PPO. So here’s when you can apply for a Personal Protection Order in Singapore:

  • Domestic Abuse. Domestic abuse or “domestic violence” is when the family or a household member or even the person you have had a dating relationship with physically harms you or threatens you with physical harm. Remember that the abuser can be anyone – someone you know, you work with, your staff, your family member, or the person you have or had an intimate relationship with.
  • This incident is when an adult or a minor, 13 years or older, repeatedly follows or harasses you in a way that makes you feel intimidated, scared, molested, or threatened. It can also be when the person commits a “course of conduct” with “unconsented contact” for over a while. PPO can be applied for this situation when the person refuses to discontinue contact or disregard your requests to avoid.
  • Harassment is the unwanted behavior that a person finds offensive or makes them feel humiliated or intimidated. Sometimes it happens alongside other forms of discrimination and abuse. There are three types of harassment – verbal or written, physical, and visual. If you experience any of these situations, then you have the right to apply for a protection order singapore harassment.
  • Rape is the term used when someone other than the spouse has sexual intercourse with the victim. It can be by force or when the person is mentally incapacitated. Rape can be committed by someone an individual knows, both of the opposite or same sex. Rape can also be by the spouse. This is when the spouse threatens or uses force/violence to have sexual intercourse with their partner.

It is crucial to work with a legal professional if you want to get the upper hand during these situations. Remember that you can put your life or your familys’ lives in grave danger if you do not take action. So do not disregard and take action as soon as possible.