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Types of Fire Sprinkler Testing You May Need

When it comes to keeping your commercial building up to fire codes, it’s crucial to have regular inspections and tests completed. Fire sprinklers need to be tested often to ensure they work if a disaster happens. Here are some of the tests that are done on sprinklers.


One of the most important components of testing fire sprinklers California is hydrotests. This type of test checks for leaking or cracks along the pipes in your system. If an issue is found, the sprinkler can be repaired before an emergency.

Fire Pump Flow Tests

This test is a necessary annual test done to check the entire sprinkler system. An inspector will look at each part of the sprinkler and do a variety of flow tests to check for problems.

Fire Hydrant Flow Tests

The hydrants near your building also need to be inspected annually. A hydrant will be flushed out by opening it fully and allowing water to flow for at least a minute. Once the flow stops, an inspector will check for drainage issues, cracks or other damage. All parts will be lubricated to ensure they work well until the next inspection.

Standpipe Flow Tests

In tall buildings, standpipes are the vertical piping that runs between floors. These need to be inspected to ensure there is enough pressure to send the water to the upper floors. This type of test should be done every five years.

Antifreeze System Tests

To prevent bursting pipes in areas where freezing occurs, antifreeze solutions may be added to the sprinkler system. The amount of antifreeze needs to be checked yearly to ensure the level isn’t too high or low.

With regular inspections and testing done on your sprinkler system, you will meet fire codes and stay safe in the event of a fire emergency.