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All of this increases even more in the playoffs, which are all or nothing for the teams that participate. And if it’s cool to see, imagine betting? If it’s adrenaline you enjoy, earning a few dollars from football will surely inject an extra dose into your system.

Below we give some tips on how to bet on this sport:


What are the two franchises that will face each other? A lot of people usually look at the quarterbacks, who are really the most important part of the team but, besides them, it is important to be aware in other sectors, such as the offensive line, which will provide protection for the QB to play, in addition to helping to establish the running situs poker online 24 jam game.

Another very important factor is defense. Is she very aggressive? Give up too many yards? When betting on handicaps you should not only analyze the franchises, but the performance of each sector.

The NFL website counters this data:

Example: Colts and Bengals offensive and defensive analysis

  • If a game promises to be very disputed, difficult to predict the winner, you can use the statistics to bet on special markets, such as the performance of players in run or received yards.
  • Example: The Dallas Cowboys will face the Redskins, a team that did not have a great campaign in the year, but that is a division opponent, and that always complicates. So, if we analyze that the Redskins give many running yards, we can bet that DeMarco Murray will run a lot with the ball.
  • Against defenses that yield long plays, over 20 yards, we can bet on the performance of a WR with aerial yards.
  • In the same way, if we have a big attack facing a very strong defense, maybe the points over is not a great idea.

The tipster Pedro Ivo is an expert in betting on special NFL markets. You must also be aware of the teams’ campaign, how they play at home, how they play away from their stadium, if they are division rivals, the history of confrontations, etc.


The technical factor is very important in American Football, as they are the ones who define which plays will be played. The Eagles coach today, Chip Kelly, is one who changed the team’s philosophy, with very fast attacking moves, not giving the opponent’s defense time to rest much. Had it not been for the excellent performance of the Cowboys this year, the team would have won the division and would have been present in the playoffs. It was a close call, and maybe if the starting QB Nick Foles hadn’t hurt, the team would be in the playoffs. But next year he is again a strong candidate.

But teams do not have just one coach. Each sector of the field has its coordinator, and they are very important in key plays like third decisions and plays in the red-zone. In playoffs and key games, the team that has high performance in these areas will have an advantage, as they are very tight games and decided by details.