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Transform Your Weekend Cabin Into A Retirement Escape With These 4 Tips

There comes a time when that vacation cabin you’ve retreated to for the past several seasons starts looking more and more like a permanent retirement home. Most second homes, while quite comfortable, may not be perfectly suited for year-round use. However, implementing these tips can help you make it more accessible and compatible with your retirement goals.

  1. Consider Road Access

A remote cabin might be a dream when you are younger, but the trip to and from it can become a real hassle when you are responsible for clearing its private access road. Look at options that make travel to your cabin more accessible. Gravel is one of the most affordable options, but it wears away over time. Recycled asphalt might be a good choice. It is relatively inexpensive and forms a smooth surface once it is in place.

  1. Plan for Backup Power

It is rarely convenient to be without electricity, but the problems it causes can be compounded in remote locations and with elderly individuals. Plan for a backup power source to limit disturbances to your routine. Generators and solar panel systems are both viable options.

  1. Add Accessibility Features

A few minor modifications can make all the difference in accessibility and they won’t take away from the relaxed and carefree feeling of your vacation home. Add grab bars in the bathroom to reduce the risk of falling. A ramp at the entrance can take the form of a gentle pathway to help it blend in. If your home is on the water, look at easy climb ladders for elderly individuals to make getting on and off the dock easier.

  1. Simplify Cleanup

Pare your belongings down to the basics. This will make cleaning and maintaining your space easier and reduce fall hazards. Removing clutter also helps you feel more relaxed and less anxious, both of which are excellent qualities for a retirement home.

With a little work, you can turn your weekend getaway into a safe and comfortable retirement home.